The Bible On Homosexuality


The Bible On Homosexuality

God’s Word Is The Last Word!

Don’t Worry Or Pray
To Make God Approve
Of Your Decisions.
Look To God For The Answers!

QUESTION: Is It Against Scripture To Be Homosexual?

If you’re a Christian, this message is important!

God Loves Everyone…
But He Doesn’t Love All Behaviors and Practices

Learn what the Bible says about Homosexuality regarding
whether or not it’s a sin from the Old and New Testaments.

The Bible on Homosexuality


When it comes to the Bible, Christians shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed to claim God’s word over man’s ways.  It’s what makes a Christian a true believer over just a person who goes to church on Sundays, but is influenced by worldly thinking when it comes to daily living.  

We need to look at what God has to say about everything, so in this discussion we’re going to look at the Bible on Homosexuality.  The Bible is God’s Word.

I would like to remind Christians and non-believers that whatever God says about anything it’s backed by His love.  He may hate a behavior, an attitude or a specific type of lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean that He hates the people involved.


God’s Love For The World

1 John 4:7-8 says that God is love.  Therefore whatever God admonishes for His people, He does it with love.  We need to humble ourselves as true believers to be under God’s authority, and to follow His ways. When we do, we’ll not only be exalted, but we can caste all ours cares upon Him through Jesus and be at peace according to 1 Peter 5:6-7.

When it comes to the heart of man God shows no partiality to a person’s background, financial status or education.  He accepts each of us as we are and loves us.  He sacrificed His only begotten Son for everyone (John 3:16).  Read Job 34:19 (hover over the scripture).

Our Heavenly Father is merciful and gracious with patience in His love so we should trust what He says and obey it (Psalm 86:15).  Therefore, With an understanding of God’s love let’s look at what God says about homosexuality from scripture.


The Bible On Homosexuality

Please Read Leviticus 18:22This verse is explicit about homosexuality.  It says that it’s an abomination. Google’s definition says that an abomination is a thing that causes disgust or hatred. This makes it clear to me that the Old Testament did not at all favor homosexuality.

Another reference to the Old Testament concerning Homosexuality is Jude 1:7. Referring to Sodom and Gomorrah and its surrounding cities, the people were engaging in sexual immoralities based upon unnatural desires. These sins among others listed below are examples of punishment of eternal fire. There is no Biblical acceptance in verse 7 of homosexuality.  Please read Jude 1:5-8.

Hebrews 13:4 gives honor to marriages which are undefiled by adultery as well as immoral sex. There is no honor or acceptance by God with either actions which will be judged by God.


Men and Women Engaging In Homosexual Relationships

Men and women engaging in homosexual relationships are not unloved by God nor are they unloved by true Christian believers.  While we should shed light on the truth of God’s Word for change, we must also insure that God’s love abound in us toward all.

I’m not referring to human love, that today might be sincere, but tomorrow it may become hateful. Human love comes in layers which can peel away or erode due to how one feels at the moment.

It can be based upon superiority when the mindset of the giver is one of bestowing their favor on another who they believe is undeserving or less of a person.  Love isn’t given to do others a favor, but to give them the warmth of a love that goes beyond human understanding.

God’s love is pure and undefiled by human emotion (1 Corinthians 13:1-13). It remains stable and endures, always ready to forgive anyone who asks. This is how Christians are to love.  We’re not to be doormats, but we’re to keep God’s love flowing so that anyone who desires to live a Godly life will feel welcome and worthy. We’re to love as we desire to be loved (Galatians 5:14).

God loves persons involved in homosexual lifestyles and so do Christians who are true believers of the Word.  But we have a sincere desire that people practicing this lifestyle look to God’s Word so that they can be blessed in accordance with the gospel of the glory of our Dear Lord (1 Timothy 1:8-11).

I can’t find it natural to see men and men or women and women married in the Name of Jesus Christ, when God says that it’s only natural for a man and a women to live as man and wife (Mark 10:6-9).  However, I can see God’s forgiveness given for a repentant heart that desires to live the truth of God’s Word.

The Bible on homosexuality concerning forgiveness is quite clear.  I was lead to read the following verse as a child which gave me a great understanding about God. Through Jesus Christ we can always receive forgiveness. John 8:7-11 clearly shows the depth of God’s love for the sincere of heart.


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