Victory Through Christ

This is a story of inspiration that takes the reader on a journey of restoration from a worldly life to a Godly lifestyle.  Bellybutton: The Source Of My Strength exposes the author’s past lifestyle to set free those still in worldly bondage and who don’t know how to be released from Satan’s grasp.  

How To Live A Godly Life

We Are Empowered As We Follow God's Word!

Before we come to Christ each of us is attached to the world in some shape or form. It could be through gossip, mean spiritedness, lying, cheating or allowing addictions to take over our desires.  For Daniel it was casual sex, drugs and alcohol to the detriment of his life and his first marriage.  

So many times Christians believe that if they’re not actually committing the sins Daniel did, they’re right with God, but the truth is that we must give up our old natures when we come to Christ and anything we learn in the Word that distances us from God. There is no room to judge others, but to look within to see if we’re following Christ. Therefore, we all need transformation as we examine our lives against God’s truth. 

So many times people walk in circles living with the same burdens and problems without end. David Felix, exposed his life with the unselfish desire to help others learn how to end the cycle of sin to discover a successful life of walking with Christ. Daniel became free, and as you read his book you’ll see how he used God’s Word to overcome his addictions, to serve God successfully, and to have that which was lost to him restored. 

Inspirational Fiction

Bellybutton: The Source Of My Strength Book Trailer

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