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Beginning Your Bible Study tips


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If you’re a new Christian or new to the Bible, it’s helpful to have a means of beginning your study so that it won’t seem overwhelming. It’s really the same as studying anything, however, there are elements to consider that will keep your studies going successfully for the rest of your life.

While meditating upon a few scriptures at a time is most beneficial to Christian inner growth, studying only a few scriptures at a time will not be as effective as a targeted study that will catapult your spiritual knowledge concerning what the Bible says about God, His blessings and His purpose for each Christian. The scriptures tell us to study in order to show ourselves approved and Hosea 4:6 tells us that God’s people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge, so the first step to following the scriptures is to study them.


Bible Study Success Tips

If you are a new Christian or if you have been a Christian for some time but you are just beginning to grow in Christ you are not fully matured Biblically speaking. You are what is called “a baby Christian” so at this point you need to feed upon the milk of the Word. This doesn’t mean that there is a time when your Bible studies are completed or over. It just means that you need to learn the fundamentals of Christianity for daily living.

There are many Biblical concepts or principles which are best understood after one has grown a bit in the Word. When a Christian begins to take their first baby steps with God all of heaven rejoices! It’s an exciting moment and one of great significance because you have the opportunity to develop good and productive study habits to live a successful life in Christ.

For beginners, an effective and easy Bible study method is to begin with one book from the Bible at a time rather than moving from one group of disassociated verses to another. You don’t need to read each book in order unless you feel it important to your study. However, once you begin reading a book, stick with it to the end. Take 3 to 4 weeks and then choose the next book.

The New Testament is the best place to start. By concentrating upon the books that tell you who you are in Christ and what belongs to you, you can begin to develop your spiritual identity. This is extremely important to your faith and to keep you centered upon Christ. This is also the foundation that you need in order to overcome the difficulties of life.

Below I’ve given you a number of books from the New Testament to choose from that will empower you and your study with a commentary for each. They all give the information you need for growth in Christ. They will also help you to live by your salvation in forgiveness rather than in guilt. God does not want you guilt-conscious. It will hamper your studies and your faith.


Books In The Bible For New Christian Growth

Romans: The book of Romans offers you teachings that give you validation as a victor in Christ. You will learn about salvation, how faith works, the transforming of the mind, the workings of the Holy Spirit, why you should pray for your enemies and how to do it. Romans offers much instruction that will build your faith right away.

I Corinthians: This book teaches us about our witness, how to give, the value of our bodies to God, our redemption, sanctification and righteousness, and Biblical instruction you need to understand. This book will also give you more understanding about the resurrection of Christ and the assurance that you have as a believer.

II Corinthians: Here you’ll learn God’s “Law of Love.” This is the love that we’re to emulate for ourselves and each other. There is much information on our behavior that will help us to emulate Christ for a successful Christian walk. There is important instruction for never joining ourselves with unbelievers in unions or partnerships. You will also find scripture that teach how we should give for financial increase and why God wants us to prosper. There is much information that will build your faith and give you more incite into what type of behavior will profit our lives and give us success.

God’s love is the first commandment of the New Testament, and faith works by love, so this is probably the most important study to highlight of all the studies mentioned in this Easy Bible Study Method article.

Galatians: Reading this book first can be a great boost to your faith and Christian identity in that it will show you who you are in Christ. You will learn about the blessing of Abraham and see that it is for us today. It makes clear the fact that we are actually heirs of God through Jesus Christ. I do recommend you consider this book as one of the first you read.

Ephesians: If you are seeking your calling Ephesians is the place to begin. Paul gives us the prayers we need to seek God’s will for our lives. Through those prayers we learn the strength of waiting upon God and the power of the blood of Jesus. There is also wisdom about how husbands and wives should regard one another. And if you want to know how to overcome evil or the enemy, the last part chapter of Ephesians gives you a clear step by step guide.

Philippians: A short book, it is power pact with instructions for successful prayer and the instructions for how to think in order to renew your mind as we’re told to do in Romans. Colossians: Study here for more clarification about redemption through the blood of Jesus. This book also teaches the importance of understanding the spiritual concept of being buried with Christ and being raised with Him from the dead. It makes our salvation come alive!

Colossians: Study here for more clarification about redemption through the blood of Jesus. This book also teaches the importance of understanding the spiritual concept of being buried with Christ and being raised with Him from the dead. It makes our salvation come alive!

Matthew, Mark, Luke and John: These books are very helpful for learning about the ministry of Jesus Christ, developing faith for healing, learning about how to pray the prayer of faith and understanding the function of the Holy Spirit once Jesus left the earth to be with the Father.



I’m not saying that these are the most important books in the Bible, I am only identifying them as important to the new Christian and when beginning your Bible study. However, before you begin, it is important to pray and ask God for guidance. Ask Him to direct you beyond your designated study and to give you understanding of what you read by the Holy Spirit.

Also, make sure to have a forgiving heart (see Matthew 5:23-24, Mark 11:26). Before beginning your Bible study, you will get the most out of it if you commit to take one or two key verses a day and meditate upon them throughout that day and night whenever you get a free moment (ie, emptying the trash, getting ready in the morning, showering, etc.) You will receive greater understanding this way.


Where to Obtain A Free Bible:

Contact The Church You Attend Or a Local Church.

If you don’t have a Bible for your studies and you can’t afford one, an easy way to obtain one is from your church. You will probably get a Kings James Version, but many churches give a free study Bible in an easier to read version when you go forward for prayer and dedication or to receive salvation at the end of their service.

This doesn’t mean that you should do this for the reason of getting a free Bible, but if you feel the need to go forward at church to make Christ your Savior or to rededicate your life to Him, then this may be a time where you will get a free Bible in a version that you can understand.

If you don’t belong to a church, then ask a church nearby where you live! They will be happy to supply one, especially if the church is large. They will either give you a new one or a used one that has been left by someone and never claimed. Ask if they can supply you with a good study version for a new Christian or Christian new to the Word. They may also get you set up with an ongoing Bible study for Christians who are unfamiliar with God’s Word.


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