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Becoming Holy By Fountain Hendricks

About The Book…

Becoming Holy, written by Fountain Hendricks, gives wisdom, instruction and guidance to help Christians achieve the standard that Jesus teaches in the New Testament about living a life pleasing to God.

Fountain teaches that with God we must make inward changes that will ultimately create Godly actions. This means planting the Word of God in our hearts in order to create scriptural thinking that will eventually transform our minds and corresponding actions to obtain Holiness.   

He also states that this process is not one that will achieve overnight success.  It’s a process that takes patience and commitment to God and His Word.  As Christians continue in God’s Word they will learn that becoming holy is realizing who you are, then allowing God to break and destroy that old character in order to be resurrected in Christ according to God’s will and purpose. The pursuit and achievement of holiness qualifies you to be a disciple for the Lord.

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About Fountain Hendricks

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Book Information

Book Title – Becoming Holy
Genre – Religion / Non-fiction
Publish Date – 2/4/2013
Publisher – Xulon Press

Fountain Hendricks was born in Chicago, IL, and raised in a Christian home.  As a young man he followed his own path until he came to a crossroads with God and was delivered from centering upon worldly values to God’s Word. 

  By following God he was able to abandon the lifestyle of darkness and deception and instead realize a life transformed by God’s truth and Holiness. Fountain learned from his experience with God that he was serving God under the influence of religion, tradition and commonality which caused him to inherit misfortune, but with God he received clarity, understanding and great wisdom.   

  This experience allowed him to see that “Becoming holy” is the difference between practicing Christian ethics and Christian character. Becoming holy has allowed him to live a joyful, purposeful, exciting and influential life. The Lord has placed him in a position to teach and nurture others on how to live a holy life. Fountain Hendricks is getting great reviews for his new book. Visit His pages for either his paperback or kindle book versions to learn what others are saying about this dynamic book that will guide you into a Holy life in Christ.

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