Back To Eden Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

A Rare Book That Teaches Compassion For The Less Fortunate

Understand what Biblical qualities we need to cultivate a compassionate nature for the poor that moves the heart to go beyond our financial ability for giving money and material goods in Christ. 

Back To Eden / biblical perspective on wealth and povertyI’ve just published my book review for Back To Eden, A Biblical Perspective on Wealth and Poverty by Dr. Simon Thiessen.  It eliminates any doubts concerning what God has to say about money, wealth and poverty.  Each golden page brings the reader closer to God’s love and compassion for the poor.  Genesis says that mankind was created in God’s image, therefore our hearts, thoughts and actions should be patterned after God’s character.

Years ago, I left my family church to find a place where I could feel God’s presence.  I was desperate to find a church that centered upon God rather than the latest news event or the pressure to keep up with the dictates of the wealthiest members who appeared adverse to the poor rather than making themselves available to their needs.    

Poverty was frowned upon in our church, and if a new family of obvious diminutive means defiled our pews with their tattered clothes, the needed spaces by their sides were left empty in order to send the message that they were not welcome! Only my older sister sat down beside them and welcomed them to our church.  I decided to make plans for an escape when I was old enough, even if that meant leaving behind the only church I had even known.  And that’s what I did.

Once I learned what to look for, I eventually learned of many churches that centered upon God’s Word, the Bible.  It was a difficult path to follow, but if I had Dr. Thiessen’s book, it would have been much easier. Back To Eden is a phenomenal teaching, proving with scripture that money, wealth, poverty, life, talents, creativity, and whatever God has given us is to be used for His purpose because we are only stewards of what He has given us.

Dr. Thiessen academic and Biblical research expounds on the subject of wealth and poverty to help churches dig their way out of following the values and mores of society over God’s Word.  I highly recommend this book as a required reading for all Christians concerning wealth and having compassion for the poor according to God’s purpose for providing believers with abundance through Jesus Christ.

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