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Baby In Christ
Baby In Christ

There are many ways we can waste time that keep us from fulfilling God’s will in our lives.  There is one way that seems to be a time trap for many Christians so I thought I would write this article to keep you from falling prey to it because it’s not easy to notice.  It happens to many Christians as they draw close to God.

Sometimes people can get off track with God at the same time they’re centering upon Him and doing His will.  As we get closer to God through the Word, it can magnify behaviors that we never realized were unscriptural.  I’m not speaking about obvious mistakes or behaviors, but subtle things like worrying or talking about others in a way that can be mean-spirited.  Biblically all we need to do is ask for God to forgive us, repent and change our behavior.  But some Christians take this action in a direction that leads them away from God.

There are some behaviors many people grow up with that seem natural and harmless, but they’re not scriptural.  This doesn’t make Christians bad people when the Word highlights these unGodly characteristics.  It’s a natural process of Christianity that the closer we get to God, the farther we get from old behaviors, but some Christians can’t forget.  Instead of being thankful, they waste time feeling badly about their old natures and become sin conscious.

The only way to move forward from old behaviors is to think like God.  Ask Him to forgive you and then wipe those behaviors from your thinking.  God forgives your sins as if they never were so you must do the same.  All Christians have to remember that we are all born into sin, but through salvation we are born again in Christ.  This makes us a “baby in Christ” needing to grow in the Word just as we had to grow from being a baby in the things of world, to walk, eat, read, etc. 

We all come from different background so your progress with God may be slower than some Christians and faster than others.  This means that you need to keep your eyes focused upon your relationship with God and not on someone else’s.  Most certainly use someone who is a spiritual mentor as a person to help you grow in Christ, but never waste time feeling badly that you aren’t spiritually where they are.  All the time you waste feeling badly could have been used to thank and praise God for where He has brought you today.


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