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Be prepared, productive and a promotion genius! I’ve provided the blueprint for increasing book sales with Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine, but you may need to become more organized to make the most of the information I share. This is why I created the Digital Planner and Journal For Authors and the Business Journal. Becoming organized will help you make the most of your writing. 

See below for more information about each.  You don’t have to print them if you wish to use them online.  Dowload them, then upload to your favorite browser to write, edit, save or delete your information.  Then download to your computer. Create as many journals as you wish. It’s easy and it avoids having to print out the journal each time you need one. 

By Margaret Lukasik

Make The Most Of Your Time and Writing With The Author Journals and Planners

Author's Interactive Book Planner

Begin organizing your writing and social networking today.  You can’t make selling your books a business for consistent book sales if you don’t do what successful author’s do!

Did You Know That You Should Write Your Book's Promotion While You're Writing and Developing it?

This is why I created the Interactive planner.  It not only guides authors to use specific strategies to get their book known on the Internet before it’s even published, but it begins the promotion process.

-Margaret Lukasik


I created this journal from the method I use to create my books and Bible studies.  It’s based upon the writing format professional authors use for non-fiction information as well as fiction writers to easily create and develop their characters. Its purpose is to easily lead authors through the book writing process while creating their promotion information at the same time to get more website and online book store sales. However, it also help you to best design your book cover for greater sales!

The planner can help you write your fiction or non-fiction book and the promotion information you need at the same time using relevant keywords!  This results in a flow of free targeted traffic comprised of people who want to purchase what you write.The journal part keeps authors on track and up to date while preparing for a successful book launch and or promotion. No printing necessary. Easily type or edit it right from your browser. 

Digital Download (Type & Edit – No Printing): $6.97

Use Social Media To Get More Sales

If you’re social, I’ve got the social planner and journal you need to get more sales from social media. 

Highly Customizable

My author guide for selling books, Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine, teaches how to specifically use the major social networks to increase an author’s fan base.  Without people who specifically read what you write, you won’t achieve enough sales.  Using social media is a great source to locate the readers you need to join your fan base. 

This planner works hand in hand with my book to help organize, encourage and take action with your favorite social media to increase your sales and grow your subscriber community who will help with your promotions. 

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Digital Download (print only): $2.47

Organize and Build Your Book Writing Business

Organize a plan for your writing business and work it with the help of this invaluable planner.  

Use The guides For Your Writing Business Growth

Millions of online businesses fail each year because they don’t have a plan.  Sadly this doesn’t have to be such a large statistic if business owners would take the time to create a plan and work it each time.  This is why I love this planner for authors to keep on top their daily business activities. 

Click below to view the planner. It’s easy to use and takes just a little time to set up and organize so that your book writing business success will follow. I would like to remind authors that their dream of writing full time will never happen if they don’t have a goal or direction to lead their daily activities. Success comes step-by-step, not overnight. 

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Digital Download (Type & Edit – No printing): $2.47

Insure That Your Christian Message Gets Known!
By Margaret Lukasik

Your Ultimate Internet Book Selling Machine organizes the Foundation You Need to create an Increasing Fan Base and To Grow Your Sales exponentially.


Increase Your Book Sales

Digital Download: $6.97

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