The Ant Called Tiny By Miles Phillip Lewis.
How Long Is Eternity?

An Ant Call TinyParents, grandparents and everyone who loves to read a fun story with a special message will love this fun and encouraging book about living the dreams God put into our hearts. 

Children need to be told how special they are, and there’s no better way than to share how special God made them for a unique purpose. The story about Tiny the ant does this and so much more. It teaches what the Bible says about having the sincere heart of a child when we look to God.  It’s for ages 5-9, but all ages will love it. 

The story also teaches faithfulness to serve God even when we’re not sure what He is asking us to do. Tiny spends his life serving God in a special way not realizing his purpose for many years. Yet he remained a faithful servant. 

The story captures the heart of the reader with the powerful message of life purpose, but it also offers the element of suspense which I don’t always find in children books. It makes the story all the more interesting to keep children interested to complete the story.  

The Ant Called Tiny Book Design

Another plus I found is that the book is designed to be attractive to a child’s eye. The cover and pages are created with bright colors.  The text is highlighted to make it easy for young children who read to easily see the words. I purchased the Kindle version. It was formatted the same as for a paper or hardback book so that a child has the feel of the book from their tablet or phone. 

I enjoyed reading this powerful little book and wrote a review on Amazon.  To read it go here. To learn more about the story and author, go here.


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