Acacia Slaton Talks About Marriage, Deceit and Revewal

Learn How This Young Christian Woman Restored Her Life After Adultery

Acacia Slaton


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Acacia Slaton
Acacia Slaton.

It’s not easy to face the truth that your husband isn’t faithful in marriage, but Acacia Slaton had to face an even deeper reality–that her husband was having affairs with other men.

The suffering she endured caused her much anguish, but her greatest pain was for her two very young daughters who felt the loss of not seeing their father as often as they needed. 



What would you do to heal from a situation similar to Acacia’s?  

Acacia realized after her husband had decided to divorce her in favor of a relationship with a man, that she needed to use her experience to help others in order to heal–and that’s just what she did! 

As an award winning author, her most logical means of sharing would be to write another book that targeted the problem of homosexual men beguiling women into marriage to keep appearances in society. Thus, she wrote the book, “The Serpent Beguiled Eve.”

The book is a story about what she and her children lived through, how she dealt with it, the sources she used and the means by which she was able to heal and restore her life. Acacia Slaton’s story is compelling and serves as a unique guidebook about love, forgiveness, relationships and the loss of a spouse or romantic love interest. 

The path to healing for Acacia was to look to God through prayer and scripture.  She shares how she learned to trust God and this is one of the reasons why I am sharing her book in my healing section.  

Everyone needs to heal from the pain of a broken relationship at some point in their lives and Acacia’s book makes clear how to restore one’s life with hope and faith to trust God for the right person, rather than rushing to get married because of age, pier pressure or family prodding.    

Acacia teaches her readers many lessons, but one of the most important is to:  NOT BE IN A HURRY TO GET MARRIED!



The subject of deceit and lies is not the only issue Acacia’s book addresses.  It also discusses the subject of childhood abuse and molestation. 

I believe Acacia’s new book will be helpful to parents for protecting their children from abuse and molestation and to be open to any comments or accusations their child might make about an abusive situation rather than denying that it never transpired and close the subject.

My Adults Healing From Childhood Abuse Section is the perfect place to share Acacia’s book with those who have been abused as children.  Her ex-husband confided in her that he had been sexually molested as a boy.  

Neither of his parents helped him and therefore, he was left on His own to heal, which he obviously never did because the abuse continued without his parent’s intervention. 

So this is also a book that is vital to have as a guidebook for both adults and parents regarding how to protect children from being sexually molested, abused, deceived or left to feeling alone and worthless. It can also encourage adults who have been tainted by abuse to get the help they need. 


The Serpent Beguiled EveAcacia Slaton

Learn More About This Unique and Dynamic Book Filled With Information You Will Not Find Anywhere Else!

God created you to live a blessed life and serve Him in a special way that will develop you for accomplishing great things!  Don’t let someone’s selfish intentions keep you from living God’s best.

However, if you’ve already been deceived, “The Serpent Beguiled Eve” will lead you to healing and restoration.  Go here to learn more. 




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About Christian Author Acacia Slaton, Our Featured Author

As an author of a Christian site that deals with scriptural healing for good health and well-being in order to serve God, I am very thankful for Christian author, Acacia Slaton who has written a new book about a very difficult subject that fills the gap where there is little information.  While we take care of physical illnesses as soon as we realize we’re sick, the pain of heartbreak and humiliation usually goes unattended because it takes time to realize the symptoms of a broken heart or grief from our lives not moving in the direction we believed they would.

When Acacia Slaton realized that she had been deceived by the man who promised to love her in marriage forever, she suffered much heartbreak and grief.  The more she tried to help her husband and protect her family, the deeper the wounds.  She clearly needed healing, but it took time to understand her pain.

She tells the story about the excitement of falling in love and getting married to a man who appeared to be a great match for her as a husband.  She believed her new life had great promise, but over time found herself in a nightmare of lies and deceit. Without having a choice to decide before marriage about living a life with a man who preferred men over women, she finds her life deteriorating from the pain and neglect caused by her husband’s lifestyle.

Her new Christian book, The Serpent Beguiled Eve, is a Godsend for many women and men who find themselves in the same position and don’t know what to do.  Acacia’s courage for sharing her story will help others overcome the pain of living this type of deception.  While Acacia shares her pain, she also shares her victory and the wisdom she gained throughout her ordeal, proving that God uses even our pain to move us forward with Him.

As a strong Christian woman, Acacia looked to God all the way and because of it, she found great strength, healing and restoration to begin life again after her husband made the decision to divorce her in favor of his homosexual lifestyle.   While Acacia did everything she could to help him live an honorable life and live up to his wedding vows and his role as a responsible parent, he made his choice, leaving her to look to God for a new future.  With the same courage she used to get through the pain of her marriage and then a divorce, she trusted God to help her heal and begin a new life.

I’m thankful to say that Acacia Slaton has emerged stronger than ever with great purpose and ambition in Christ to follow God’s lead.  Instead of looking at the wrong done to her, she has looked within to see how such a tragic event could have occurred in the life of someone who loved God and followed Him.  Her book reveals this important information that will prove life-changing for many, teaching God’s love, forgiveness and great purpose for each of us–even if we get off track with His plans, purposes and pursuits.

I encourage you to reach this “must have” book that teaches how to follow God’s lead to avoid difficulties in our lives that we can prevent by looking to God.    Get The Serpent Beguiled Eve, by Acacia Slaton.

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