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About Victory Through Christ Bible Studies
About Victory Through Christ Bible Studies.

Learn more about About Victory Through Christ Bible Studies and the three major areas of study we offer to help Christians receive scriptural healing.  We cover the areas of our daily actions and thinking that can affect Christians when they pray for healing and don’t receive.

When we’re out of balance with God, our hearts actually condemn us and make it difficult, if not impossible to receive from God when we pray.  Instead of blaming God Who answers our prayers, we need to look within our hearts to see where we need to get in line with God’s Word.  We trust what God says by following it and when we do, we’ll receive answered prayer.

Problems can also keep us from receiving scriptural healing.  Desires to act upon the kind of behaviors that lead us into harmful situation, cause others to be harmed or keep us from living God’s Word will create a barrier between us and the blessings we need to receive.

God is always forgiving through His Son, Jesus Christ, but we need to ask for forgiveness, repent and allow God’s Word to penetrate our being to form a shield of faith around us and within to keep us walking with Christ to receive victory.

Trusting what God says and acting upon it brings change first from within the heart.  It will transform the mind to lead our emotions and negative physical desires toward God’s Word and away from worldly pleasures.   When we align our body, mind and soul to God’s Word is when we’re able to receive healing.

Do we need to be perfect in our actions toward God to be healed?  No!  We only need to keep our hearts yielded to God and be ready to ask Him to forgive us when we go against  His Word.  This will keep us in a state of right standing before Him in Christ.  Our hearts will no longer condemn us because we are forgiven when we ask and because God sees us through Christ.

Throughout this site you’ll find sections for spiritual growth, life purpose and living the Word to give balance to our lives for good health and healing whenever we need it for the spirit, soul, mind and body.


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