About Spiritual Gifts and Life Purpose and How They Biblically Differ.

About Spiritual Gifts


I just read online where someone was asking for help to learn about spiritual gifts, and how they could attain theirs. I took it to mean the purpose of their life. I was saddened to read the answer someone gave them from a Christian site.

Their advice was to go to a Google Test for learning your spiritual gift. Then after about 25 minutes or so they will know their gift. Even if they were speaking about spiritual gifts, they’re listed in the Bible and we’re also told what the spiritual gifts (9 gifts of the spirit) are. However, God gives these gifts. We don’t just get them because we take a test.

It’s also true that to live God’s will or special purpose for our lives cannot be determined by a test, but only by the leading of the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of God bears witness to our spirits. We need to look to God for His will and wait upon Him for His guidance. By taking a test to learn God’s will, we’re not getting information from God but from worldly sources that will lead a person in the wrong direction or on a generic path.

We all need to learn our purpose in life, but I want to encourage you to seek after God through His Word, in prayer and by waiting upon Him to learn His will for your life. As you wait upon Him, you can be studying the Word for greater clarity and understanding of who you are in Christ and what belongs to you. This information will will draw you nearer to God instead of away from Him by looking to the world to find your way spiritually. It will also teach you the truth about spiritual gifts, what they are and how they are administered.

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