Christian Money Growth Bible Study

Christian Money Growth

God's Financial Plan Leads To Financial Growth and Debt Relief!

- Christian Money Growth Bible Study By Margaret Lukasik -

It doesn't seem right that many of God's children live with a lack of money and credit card debt, but this condition continues to be a blight in the lives of many Christians. 

Worse many Christians don't realize that their money problems aren't caused by God but by their lack of knowledge  about God's financial principles and the role they must take over their money. 

The good news is that the God's Financial Plan Bible Study by Margaret Lukasik quickly teaches Christians how to overcome their money problems by using principles that work because they were given to us as a part of Christ's redemptive work on the cross.  

Christian Money Growth Bible Study Author Margaret Lukasik

Get A Fresh Start With God Concerning Your Money

The Christian Money Growth Study, "God's Financial Plan," Is Based Entirely Upon Scripture! 

You Don't Have To Suffer Any Longer

Christian Money Growth Bible Study Author Margaret Lukasik

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Margaret Lukasik 

I've created an exciting study that been changing the lives of Christians all over the world by teaching them how to change their money situation from the first lesson. This short study (under 100 pages) is an exciting Biblical journey that will show you why you're not receiving financially from God and how to work with Him for money growth and debt relief.

Part of the study teaches Biblical examples of stewardship which is actually a scriptural means for God to help us keep our money and make it grow. Step-by-step it teaches how to pray and receive whatever you need from God materially and financially to help you become a financial blessing to God! 

Based upon my own financial need years ago and my Christian coaching experiences this study will make it easy for you to   receive change NOW! 

Download Today in PDF format! Because I want you to succeed with God, this exciting Bible Study is only available on this site so that I can answer your questions concerning how the study pertains to your situation.

Let God Help You Find Your Way To Financial Freedom!

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Christian Money Growth Bible Study