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God's Prosperity Message May Not Be What You Think!

All That Glitters Is Not Gold!

Midas Touch Bible Study

If you're not familiar with the story about the mythical character, King Midas, I'll briefly mention it to preface what I'm about to discuss with you.  King Midas was granted a wish that everything he touched would turn to gold. However, without thinking his wish through a bit before making it, he ended up with a curse instead of a blessing because he couldn't even eat without his food turning to gold.  Whatever he touched would be instantly turned to the bright gold metal he had desired with all his heart to possess in great abundance. 

Hello.  My name is Margaret Lukasik and I'm the author of the Midas Touch Bible Study.  The story above is sadly similar to what happens to many Christians.  They desire and seek after money without understanding God's purpose for wanting to bless them and they're led astray, becoming victims to their money instead of enjoying it the way God intended.    

When we seek after riches for the sake of having more money, we can lose sight of the spiritual truth that God is our provider.   He has blessed us with an inheritance through Jesus Christ, but we can only attain it through Jesus and by practicing good stewardship.

Margaret Lukasik

Margaret Lukasik


When we trust God for everything we need, we can live with continued financial increase as we learn to center upon Him first.  Learning how to do this will help us to keep the correct Biblical perspective about why we should have money and how we can receive it without becoming distant from God.   

Did you know God needs you to have financial abundance for the sake of the Gospel? He does, but not the way the world's system understands having money!


I'm very excited to share this exciting information about good stewardship with you because it's based upon my financial growth over the years to the present that will answer many questions about money, financial abundance and prosperity from a Biblical point of view.  There are many messages on those specific subjects, but the only one that counts is based upon scripture.  If you're a Christian, you need to learn how to increase your money in a way that will make you a blessing and not a curse to yourself and others.  

It may astound you, but God's prosperity message is dramatically different from what you've heard preached from the pulpits of some of the large prosperity ministries and some of the television ministries as well that try and entice you into giving them your money with the promises of great wealth.  This is not financial Bible wisdom and it's time you find out what it is in order to place your money into the right ministries according to Biblical principles and doctrine.     

It's also time you learn how to keep your money and cultivate it's growth through good stewardship.   Christians must learn how to live a life of balance, which is one of the fruits of the spirit--self-control.  This keeps us centering upon God rather than striving to live a life of indulgence and waste as some ministries encourage their congregations to do.  Over-abundance causes greed and separation from the one source who will bless us consistently and abundantly--our Heavenly Father.   

So before you send your money gifts to this ministry or that, you must first learn how to avoid being scammed by pastors and spiritual leaders who try to trick Christians with lies about God's financial message in order to take their hard-earned money.

I don't like to waste my money!  Do you?


I can't emphasize enough that it's God who blesses His children--not the unscrupulous charlatans who ask for money to help spread the gospel, but instead use your money to buy grand homes, cars and expensive vacations for themselves and their families, living a life of over-indulgence that you're supporting!  Giving money into these ministries is the same as throwing it into the trash!  

The Midas Touch Bible Study  will give you the wisdom to know who you can trust regarding your giving tithes and offerings or any financial gifts to help promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and.  It will also show you which ministries and persons to avoid.  You're going to receive important wisdom about false promises made to Christians concerning money and the only true way to receive your financial return on giving money to God.  

You're also going to receive the truth about tithing.  Many believe that tithing is not for us today.  You can decided for yourself how you give your money to God, but there is a New Testament verse which tells us what to do in current times concerning tithes.  There is also New Testament information about why we should pay offerings and how they can prosper us as well as the Kingdom of God to make us a blessing.

Christians want to give into the Kingdom of God, but so many times they hold back on their giving until they reach an unattainable dollar amount in their income that never occurs, keeping them from obeying God and at the same time keeping God from blessing them.  Although we don't receive from God directly because of our giving we do receive because of our obedience and because God's Word is true.  If God says that He'll bless us financially then He will.  But we have to follow the Scriptures.

As you continue in the study you're going to learn how to make whatever you give, whether it be money, your time, your talents, your kindness and even your love, prosper your household abundantly without your having to feel guilty, selfish or greedy.  It's your right and God's dream for your life.  So if you want to be a blessing to God, the power is there to tap into and obtain what is rightfully yours, but you need God's wisdom to receive it! 

Through good stewardship, you'll realize the potential to grow your finances from whatever place in life you are right now.  It may take some courage, but God will be with you all the way as you learn how to draw closer to Him and look to Him as your financial provider.

So take time today to find out what the scriptures say about financial prosperity and learn how to regard money God's way!  When you understand money from scripture and give it the proper balance in your life, you won't have to stress about money any more. 


If you're not sure what God has to say about money, prosperity and abundance, this study is for you!


God meant for his children to prosper, but when we hold ourselves back we cause an imbalance ro either over-abundance or poverty.  When we go too far in either direction we  keep ourselves from being creative, wise, able to enjoy our work, careers or businesses and excel in them. We lose out on the fulfillment of a life that is full of God’s blessings.


Midas Touch Bible Study

  • how to pray for money in a way most Christians weren't taught in their churches, but is found in the Bible.
  • how to multiply your giving for the rest of your life.
  • if there is a hundred fold return on your giving or is this a myth perpetrated by unscrupulous pastors wanting to bring more money into their churches?
  • why most Christians don't receive the money they pray for and how you can avoid the same mistakes they're making.


The study was created to help you achieve balance in your life through good stewardship concerning money so that you can attain the promises of God while you deepen your relationship with Him.  You'll learn this information through God's Word rather than by man's opinions or desires. You're going to learn that not everything we want will be "gold" or good for us, as the mythical character, King Midas learned.

You are going to

  • understand how God wants you to regard money
  • learn the truth about paying tithes
  • understand that it is God's will for YOU to prosper financially
  • quickly increase your faith for financial growth or whatever you need
  • receive principles TO ACCELERATE YOUR FAITH
  • learn the secret of success God's way by creating the right THOUGHTS and ACTIONS
  • learn to be at peace while you increase your money through diligence in God's Word
  • build a foundation of God's wealth ethic
  • keep and perpetuate your wealth using specific Biblical principles
  • increase your Christian productivity by learning how to be a good steward
  • understand how to get closer to God through your faith and much more...

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