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Written By Margaret Lukasik

It's Not Enough To Just Make Money! 

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Margaret Lukasik

"Dear Friend, my name is Margaret Lukasik and I've been serving the Christian community since 1999 as an author and life coach (now retired).  I'm also the author of this website and I hope to help you discover "who you are in Christ" in order to live the special purpose God designed for you.

What you were meant to do may not be what you think, or it might be what you're doing right now. However, if you're not sure, you'll never move forward with your life or understand your ability to achieve God's best.  I want to show you how to begin and continue to grow with God.

What's The Real Truth Behind Your Life Fulfillment? 

I find that many Christians are not happy with their work and have little life fulfillment. It's not God's will for people to just get through life without a sense of worth or contentment about their life.  Jesus told us in John 10:10 that He came so that we would have abundant lives.  

John 10:10 (ASV)

10 The thief cometh not, but that he may steal, and kill, and destroy: I came that they may have life, and may have it abundantly.

If your life isn't full of God's blessings, then the thief (Satan) is stealing your peace, joy and ability to live a fulfilled life.  All Christians should be living the life that Christ sacrificed "His life" to give us.  If we're not, then we need to learn how to take what Jesus has made available to us through "Kingdom Living."

     If you're a believer, you have a much deeper sense of purpose that comes from your heart or spirit that was placed there by God.  He has a special life or divine purpose for you and He will prepare and equip you if you look to Him in faith and trust.  Living your life purpose is how to live within God's Kingdom by centering upon Him.

     Life purpose discovery is certainly a dilemma for many and it was for myself at one time. I was a late bloomer.  It wasn't until my mid-thirties that I found my calling because I didn't know how to seek God for guidance.  It was something I had to learn on my own by study, trial and error.

     However, I found my way into God's purpose for my life, but I never forgot the struggle because I didn't have anyone to help me. That's why I would like to help you build your own success story with God! 

     Wouldn't you like to know what you were meant to do with your life?  Aside from the increased monetary benefit from learning how to succeed in life and your work, there is the greater reward of serving God as well as the respect of others when you're in the right place at the right time.

     It's one thing to be told to find your passion and you'll find your destiny, but for many, it's easier said than done.  However, with God there is a clear and precise plan.  It's simple but if you don't know what it is, you won't know what to do.  

     If you're walking in circles trying to find out who you are and what special life purpose God has for you, or worse, you're so busy trying to earn a living that you don't have the time to learn,  DISCOVER YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE is for you!   



I've just added two great bonuses for reference to make sure that you'll succeed if you're serious about looking to God for your life purpose discovery and development.


You'll Receive My Popular Doing Business God's Way Bible Study along with my Prayer and Faith Notebook.  Both the business study and the workbook will help you better utilize the information in "Discover Your Divine Purpose."

Life Purpose Discovery


  • Right From The First Chapter....

You Will Learn How To Let God's Power Flow Within Your Life To Make The Hidden Dreams Within You Surface and Then Come True!  

I've made it easy for you to learn how to live the amazing life God has for you.  I'm also going to give you examples of life purpose direction straight from scripture by using Abraham and Jesus Christ to help you find your way.    

     With this powerful combination of Destiny Discovery and Development, you will achieve the ability to overcome the difficulties that have kept you from attaining the success and blessings you deserve but learning how to discover your life purpose from the very first chapter! 

     But first you must LET GO of the past....

DISCOVER YOUR DIVINE DESTINY will give you forward thinking to take hold of whatever you've lost and to achieve more than you have ever dreamed of having.   

I know that you can do it!  Therefore it's my sincerest desire to help you get started now!  You will receive this dynamic study in a quick download along with YOUR SPECIAL BONUSES:

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Doing Business God's Way...

Years ago when I realized that we needed to make make money in excess of our growing bills, I looked to God for help.  However, in the process I discovered my life purpose.  As I looked to God for guidance, I began to live my dream of developing a successful writing career from my home in order to be with my children.  

Doing Business God's Way Bible Study will teach you how to get on the path to success right now in your current job, career or business.  You don't need to switch jobs or stop what you're doing.

Doing Business God's Way

Once You Get On The Path To God's Will For Your Life, Success Beyond What You Understand Today Will Overtake Your Life.

This exceptional and unique home study will put God at the center of your life and it will take you from a life of just living to an exciting purpose that will make an impact on your family, church and community from the moment you begin in reference to 3 John 1:2.

     This book was designed to build within your mind the patterns of success needed to overcome the failure thoughts that were created in you years ago as well as the thinking you need to follow God's will over your own.  You're going to discover God's higher thoughts for great success over your life and to discover your life purpose.

Word of Life

Think God's thoughts which are higher than man's thoughts. Isaiah 55:9.

  • Is it difficult to implement God's Biblical principles for success you might ask? 

The only effort will be putting into practice what you learn daily to develop a mindset based upon scripture for successful living God's way. And I'm going to teach you how to avoid the errors most Christians make when looking to God for their life purpose.

For instance, while many Christians may hear God's guidance for their life purpose, they make the mistake of moving too fast and fail because they don't take to the to walk in God's timing.  There is a time of preparation and growth so it's important to learn how to take God's direction where you are today.  


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In Review...

I'm Going To Show You How To

Live Your Life Purpose Through Jesus Christ By...

  • Discovering the dreams God put into your heart
  • Learning in Lesson One how to discover your life purpose now
  • Learning how to achieve kingdom living 
  • Developing your life purpose 
  • Understanding what ministry means to your life purpose
  • Receiving God's greatest blessings through kingdom living
  • Learning to use the prayer of consecration and dedication
  • Succeeding in your life and life goals
  • Learning how to center upon God
  • Understanding how to perpetuate money through kingdom living
  • Letting God develop you for future success in Him 
  • Discovering the great talents and abilities God has given you
  • Receiving God's guidance and much more....


How My Workbook Will Help You:

Prayer and Faith Workbook

Prayer and Faith Workbook

I designed the Prayer and Faith Workbook to help Christians keep track of their faith and prayer progress. It will help your faith go from average to "mountain moving" as mentioned in Mark 11:23.  

Years ago I learned to keep an account of all my faith projects for spiritual growth, money growth and physical healing. As I looked at all I had accomplished on a regular basis by faith, I was able to expect more from God.  I patterned my workbook in the same way I had organized my faith and prayer efforts when I was new to living the Word because I know that it works!

It makes any Bible study more interesting and successful so you can use it with any of my other studies and studies from other authors.

       Now That You know The Contents Of My Special  Package and What It Can Do For You... 

          It's time to talk about the factsâ�¦

Please Read!

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I understand that on your own you can put together all the Biblical information I include within the pages of DISCOVER YOUR DIVINE PURPOSE to serve God, enjoy your work, make more money and enjoy your life at the same time. This is because it's based upon the Word of God.  

What you can't do on your own is take advantage of my experience and the years it took me to put God's principles together for successful results.  I include everything that has changed my life along with more information I've learned over the years to make the process even easier to follow.  And you'll receive even more information in the free ebooks you'll be getting.  

My book is totally unique and you won't find it anywhere else, so you have to decide if it's worth it for you to save years of "wondering" who God designed you to be by getting my information to discover your life purpose today!

The Demand For This Package Is Everywhere Because Most Committed Christians Like Yourself Don't Know How To Discover Their Life Purpose and Let God Help Them Develop It!  

Now It's time to talk about your investment
in God's Word to discover the real you...


  ...what kind of time are you willing to invest for living the life God specifically designed for you to live?  

I've made my information easy to read, follow and practice.  In fact, I'll show you how to begin living your life purpose in the first chapter.  You're going to learn who you are in Christ and discover great talents, abilities and confidence that God will use for a special purpose. 

Somehow you know that you were destined for something great and wonderful, but you need help to find your way with God.  Well, today is the day for you to take the first step toward your life purpose with God and begin DEVELOPING it.  

Discover Your Divine Destiny Group Bonus

All three ebooks can be easily downloaded onto your computer or other electronic devices.

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Now It's time to talk about my exciting promise to you...

You Can Use My Experience

Rather than trying Discover Your Divine Purpose without a commitment or trust in God, and then giving up, I want to make sure that you live the kingdom life that God's Word produces so that you don't go from one job to another wondering what to do with your life.  

There are many people within the world's system that promise to help you discover what you were meant to do or become, but they're not going to lead you on the right path of God's will! 


God's Word Always Produces What It Promises!  So I'm going to include my personal email address should you need my help!


With God all things are possible, so now it's up to you to take that life-changing step that will lead you to NEW AREAS OF TALENT AND ABILITY to live the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS that God has waiting to give you. 

If you're ready for your best life in Jesus Christ, you can begin with God right now to experience successful living in Christ for the rest of your life!  

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