You Have Victory Thru Christ

By Margaret Lukasik

Achieve Christian life success!

Through Jesus You Have Christian Life Success!

Many Christians Believe That God Will Not Bless Them
Because They Are Not Good Enough.

This is only a myth -- and it is not scriptural.

We can all be blessed throughout every season of our lives!

 You can receive your blessings now by     learning where to begin with God!

  • Learn how to communicate with God to receive your blessings now
  • Understand the principle of resting in Christ while you trust God 
  • Use the principle of loosing and binding to have what you say
  • See yourself as God does in order to be set free from your past and past failures 

Take Your Key To The Cross for successful christian living! 

As a Christian author and life coach (now retired) since 1999 I've dedicated my life to helping Christians transition from the point of their salvation to living successfully through Jesus Christ.  Many Christians, including myself, have wandered in circles trying to be good enough for God to answer our prayers, but always falling short because we make the mistake of looking to ourselves. 

Life doesn't have to be so difficult or confusing.  Picture yourself in the midst of a chaotic world resting peacefully with Christ, completely taken care of with your needs and wants met.  Then think about having the clarity of mind to make the kind of decisions and life choices that will erase the troubles caused by your past and that will secure you a promising future to not only live your dreams, but make possible a legacy of great success for the future generations of your family. 

Believe it or not that picture and much more can become your reality of life today! And it doesn't have to take months or even years to achieve.  You can begin right now by Discovering The Secret Key Of The Cross.  From the first lesson I show you how to get involved with God right now!  


Margaret Lukasik

Serving The Christian Community On The Internet Since 1999

How Does God See You?… What Makes You Good Enough To Receive Answered Prayer and Blessings?

Once You Learn Why God Blesses You, It Will Be Easy To Know That You Can Have What You Say!

Because Of Jesus God sees you as victorious in all things

Learn How To Follow Jesus To Experience Christian Life Success Right Now!

It's necessary that you choose to achieve a successful life in Christ because you have a free will.  You are free to choose what you want in life, therefore, God cannot force you to receive His blessings.  Once you make the decision to move forward with God, then be ready to watch your problems turn into positive situations as you trust God by faith.  You will receive blessings rather than living with the never-ending hardships or despair that life can bring.    

   You can begin living a life of resting in Christ for the rest of your life.  You can take hold of the peace Jesus promised us in the Bible as you follow Him daily!  It's a  restful tranquility that will make your walk through life as a stroll through a beautiful garden rather than a difficult journey through a briar of thorns.  We have been given the peace of Jesus Christ! 

   Look what Jesus said to you and me:

Matthew 11:29, “Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls,

   Do you believe what Jesus says in the Bible? If you're a Christian, you have to make a decision about whether you're going to live by the Bible, which is God's Word, or live by whatever information you've been given throughout your life.  Jesus has given us a state of rest that continues through the difficulties of our lives because he tells us to learn of Him and He will give us "rest."  But we need to follow Him first in order to find our rest.  If you don't know how to follow Jesus then The Key Of The Cross Bible Study will show you how to quickly get involved with Him.

   Christ assurs us that we can trust our cares, concerns and problems to Him.  He will carry us and our load of troubles! Psalm 55:22 tells us to cast our burdens upon the Lord and He will sustain us This is the wisdom we                                                                                                                                                                  must follow to live a peaceful life.  It’s saying that the moment we turn our cares and concerns over to Christ, He begins working on them.

   When you received your salvation you made a commitment to follow Christ.  However, in many cases once a person gives their life to Christ, that seems to be where their walk with God ends.  It doesn't have to be that way and it shouldn't because there is so much more!  Because of Jesus and what He did on the cross for you and me, there are great blessings in all categories of life.  God desires that we prosper in all things!


3 John 1:2  Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.   

It's Never Too Late With God!… Don't Put Off Achieving Christian Life Success Just Because You Got A Late Start.

It Doesn't Matter Where You Are In Life Today, God Welcomes You To Receive Your Blessings!

There is no instruction other than the Bible about how to follow Christ and live the prosperous life He promises in the Word.  New Christians need clarity about the Bible from Christian leaders.  But if they aren't available with the right information, new Christians lose out on their Biblical rights and blessings.  

    Don't let this be your reality because most assuredly, God wants you to prosper in your health, your decision making, your career, job or business, in your spiritual growth and every other part of your life to achieve Christian life success!

    Instead of having to wait years the way I did to overcome the effects of childhood abuse, you can have "INSTANT ACCESS" to God's best right now for whatever it is you need today!


Because Of Jesus You Can:

  • Rest In Christ As You Trust God For Victory
  • Take Up Your Part of Jesus' Cross
  • Rest In Christ For The Rest of Your Life
  • Achieve The Peace of Jesus Christ
  • Succeed In Your Life and Life Goals 
  • Be Free of Addictions, Illness and Disease
  • Live Your Life Purpose Empowered By God 
  • Have Joy and Share It With Others
  • Know That You Are Worthy To Receive From God
  • Receive Your Heart's Desires and More....

Let The CROSS of Jesus Christ empower your life!

Here is just some of what you will learn from this study...

Receive your financial blessings

God's Greatest Blessings  

Learn why and how you are good enough now to receive answered prayer.

Based upon Scripture

Walk With God In His Ways 

Find out what God expects of you and how to fulfill His will on a daily bases.


Live The Peace Of Jesus Christ 

Turn the problems of life into positive situations to glorify God!

Write The Life Of Your Dreams

Write a new pattern for living God's way to create a llifetime of success!

get rid of your burdens!

THINK GOD'S THOUGHTS to achieve christian life success!

Get Rid Of All Your Burdens!

Take Up Your Cross Of Jesus Christ

  Remember, just because you didn't learn what to do after you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior doesn't make that it's too late.  I'm a late bloomer with God's Word.  I didn't begin my studies until I was in my early thirties.  It took me years of study to learn the information I've included in The Secret Key Of The Cross because after I received salvation as a child, that was the end of it. My church believed that the Bible was no longer valid for us today in modern times except to pick and choose certain scripture to prove the philosophy of their church doctrines created by man instead of based upon God's Word.  

   It can be confusing to know what to believe with so much contradictory information about the Bible. This is why we must go straight to the doctrine of Jesus Christ and follow it. As we take hold of the doctrine of the key of the cross we will be able to open the door to all of God's blessings and shut the door on everything we don't want. 

   As we give our burdens to Jesus by faith, we are operating in the this anointed principle that empowers us to be at peace while we "loose" what we want or "bind" what we do not want! Think about how powerful this is to open the door to what we want or shut it to those things that we do not want!  According to Matthew 16:19 we have the power to loose and to bind for successful Christian living.  Jesus did this for us!

Matthew 16:19 (KJV) And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

   This important truth has been hidden or covered by the watered-down doctrines found in many churches today.  Many times the people whose leadership we look to is geared toward making that person powerful rather than making Christ powerful in our lives.  But in order to succeed with God we need to center upon Him first!

   These false doctrines keep the true meaning of the cross of Jesus Christ a secret, rather than it spreading like wildfire throughout the lives of men and women everywhere!  The cross of Jesus Christ is our key that will open the door to all of God's blessings and we need this truth to open the door everything God wants to give us and wants us to become!  We need that key to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost! 


How do we keep from letting old habits, traditions and critisism keep us from taking what belongs to us?  Our lives are built upon many habits with some having a positive influence upon our lives and others a negative influence.  Therefore, we need to keep our focus upon God by living His Word above all else.  We live and mingle with people who may be opposed to living God's best because the Word of God cannot be understood by the unsaved.  There are also some people who may not want to see you rise above your circumstances to achieve Christian life success.  They may want to see you remain in darkness or failure, but it's your choice to choose God or choose what others say about you.  

    I've spent many years in preparation of this book, but I've spent the last year designing the information in Discover The Secret Key Of The Cross to continaully reinforce what you learn by each page building upon the last so that you will see positive results right away.      

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Learn To trust god daily for the rest of your life!


  • As You Take Your Key Of The Cross In Christ!


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