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The Gatekeepers by nathanael Wolf

Understanding Of God's Purpose For Ministry Or Ministry In Business

Whatever God Will Get Through You He will Get To You!

The Gatekeepers

A Little About The Book...

The Gatekeepers by Nathanael Wolf is a small book that carries much information to help believers who desire God's prosperity to flow through them for the sake of the Gospel and to help their local church have the finances they need to help fulfill God's purpose in their community as well as missions.  

The book discusses the importance of living life fully by living for others because eventually life becomes empty when lived for self-centered purposes according to Proverbs 11:17: "Your own soul is nourished when you are kind, but you destroy yourself when you are cruel." 

This is a power-packed book which I've read a few times because I feel that living our life purpose is so important.  It clearly shows from the author's experience what amazing things can happen when Christians learn their true calling in life and use it to work together with their local church.  

Book Review by Margaret Lukasik...

I read The Gatekeepers multiple times because I enjoy reading books about life purpose in order to achieve greater insight about living God's will for our lives, and also because I couldn't quite see the author's point that the the kings, who are designated by God to earn large sums of money for His kingdom to bring to the priests (which are the pastors or leaders of our Christian churches) are only a specific group of people in high-finance.

While I believe that God has created "priests" and "Kings" within the church, Nathanael's title of his book centers upon "The Gatekeepers" which are the men and women God has designated to make the Kingdom wealthy for the sake of the Gospel.  I came to understand Reverend Wolf's meaning, but it also help me to believe that any Christian who isn't a part of church leadership can be a priest or "gatekeeper." 

While many of the men and women Nathanael is speaking about are people who are highly astute and experienced in business and finance, God's Word teaches that anyone can become a financial giant through their obedience and consistency in giving.  God can and will give financial opportunities through our faith and desire to grow in the distinct place or calling God has given each of us that is outside the realm of church leadership.  

In conclusion, I believe the book is accurate in it's teachings, however I don't believe that it's idea of a "king" or "gatekeeper" is broad enough.  I believe that we can all be "gatekeepers" if we are obedient to the Word and sincerely desire to gain wealth for the sake of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a dying world. However, some Christians were meant to do this in a much greater capacity.  I also believe that this point isn't as important as the greatest message of the book which is extremely valuable and life-changing for many Christians.

Those who believe they were called to a business ministry, but have been led to believe by their pastors that their calling is within the church suffer greatly from moving in a direction that is opposed to God's will for their lives.  The Gatekeepers is also a handbook that will help someone experiencing this problem understand what direction to take and how they can work with their pastor and congregation to be a great financial blessing.  I believe this wisdom has already freed many men and women of God who have been mistakenly placed within church ministry where they didn't belong or could function with God's ability.  If this describes you, I believe this tiny little book will set you free to live God's exact purpose for your life!  

About The Author Of The Gatekeepers...

Nathanael Wolf

Nathanael Wolf

Nathanael Wolf is the founder of The Gatekeepers Network, an organization dedicated to equipping Christian business leaders. 

He and his wife, Michelle, pastor Gateway Centre Church, a growing congregation in the Seattle area. The Wolfs are 1989 graduates of RHEMA Bible Training Center and have served in full-time pastoral ministry since that time. 

Rev. Wolf also has traveled as an itinerant minister, in both the U.S. and over 20 foreign nations.

The Gatekeepers by by Nathanael Wolf

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