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                                By Margaret Lukasik

Quiet Time - Setting Our Hearts on God

The First In The Ezra 710 Discipleship Series

Geoseff Doulos created the series to teach Christians how to develop a strong relationship with God while they learn to teach others how to do the same.

Quiet Time - Setting Our Hearts On God

About The Exra 710 Series...

The author proclaims the following timeless and important message to Christians that we must all remember daily: "The single most important thing that we will ever do in our lives will be to spend time with the Lord. If we make it the number-one priority of our life each day, our life will be blessed, we will be a blessing, and we will experience a relationship with God as never before."

The Ezra 710 series material has been field tested literally all over the world and has been recently edited with new material added. If you are passionate about serving the Lord, taking up your cross daily and following Christ as a disciple and a disciple-maker, then you simply must go through this series.

Every section also has a chapter devoted to teaching others what we have just learned. Thus not only will we be gaining new insights and practicing new spiritual disciplines, but we will learn how to get others started and excited about them as well. This is a hallmark of every Ezra 710 publication.

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Quiet Time - Setting Our Hearts On God

By Geoseff Doulos

What a pleasure it was to read, Quiet Time Setting Our Heart On God, one part of the Ezra 710 Design For Discipleship Series.  Quiet time, as described in the book, is the time we spend alone with God to receive His peace, encouragement and guidance.  This is "the" message we need in this day!

I can't count how often I have heard the Lord telling me that Christians would receive infinite blessings, their problems turned into situations of victory and their lives given to untold fulfillment if they would just give Him the first fruits of their day.  It's not enough to give our tithes and offerings, God needs our undivided attention, and Quiet Time Setting Our Heart On Godtells us just how we should do that according to God's Word. 

The fact that most of our churches are not finding it relevant to teach their congregationshow to grow close to God, hear His guidance and act upon it, forces Christians to look to outside sources for their personal Christian growth and development as well as training to serve God. 

The Ezra 710 Design For Discipleship series is a great source for Christians to begin their walk with Christ and move forward in their development as they learn how to seek God by reading the Quiet Time Setting Our Heart On God part of the studies.  This is a wonderful place for new and untrained Christians alike to learn the basics of fellow-shipping with God and walking in His will.  The book claims that the most important thing Christians can do is spend "quiet time with God," and how can anyone argue with this statement?  We all hear God beckoning us to spend quiet time with Him, but so many times we put Him off until we run out of time. Yet if would listen, He would bring us to the most fulfilling place in our lives that we can achieve.  

Quiet Time takes the mystery out of giving God our full attention, easily teaching the reader in simple terms, based upon scripture, how to draw close to God, receive His love, grow in Christ and then teach others what he or she has learned.  I wish when I was in my early twenties trying to understand God's Word that this book would have existed!  It would have saved me many years of wandering around in circles, seeking help and getting the same blank looks from spiritual leaders who didn't believe I should desire as a layperson to develop my heart with God's Word.  

We are all ministers in Christ as Christians.  Therefore we need instruction for the character changes God wants us to make so that the "new man" we became at our rebirth can be released to fulfill God's purpose and plans in our lives.  Quiet Time Setting Our Heart On God shows Christians how to do just that with its clear teachings concerning the fruits of the spirit and how to develop them within the heart for the gifts and talents God gave us to emerge and grow us into a strong people to serve Him with boldness.   

If you're a Christian who has gotten off the path of Jesus Christ, this book will give you God's love and forgiveness while it shows you how to get started again on the right foot with God.  For those who are new to their salvation, they can begin their journey with God on the right foot, learning how not to lose their way.  

And for those Christians who feel right with God, but don't know how to serve Him, I've got great news!  Quiet Time will teach you how to know God and make Him known to others.  We need more such books!  I'm so thankful "Quiet Time Setting Our Heart On God" is only one part of this God inspired series.

If you have ever desired to grow spiritually but you don't know where to begin, Quiet Time - Setting Our Hearts On God will give you the Biblical guidance you need.

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Quiet Time: Setting Our Heart On God

Author = Geoseff Doulos
Book Title = Quiet Time Setting our Heart on God
Date Published = Feb 2011

Book Genre = Non Fiction - Information

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