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Navigating Your Seasons Of Change

 By Pastor Donald E. Graham, Jr.
A Book Of Self Awareness and Patience To Endure Each Season Of Our lives 

Navigating Your Seasons Of Change

Navigating Your Seasons of Change by Donald E. Graham Jr., takes you on a journey of self awareness that will help you better understand the season you are in and how to effectively navigate your way through it.  Donald Graham shares with the reader the benefits of patiently enduring their season and how impatience can frustrate the grace of God in their lives. 

He provides insight into the many challenges that the Christian believer will face during their "faith walk" and uses his compelling testimony as a point of reference.  Donald stresses the importance of discerning the season you are in, listening attentively for the message that God desires to convey to you, and obeying the specific instructions for what lies ahead once your season is over.

Book Information

Genre: Religious/Spirituality
Publish Date: February 24,2013 Publisher: Promise & Destiny Group Paperback: 142 pages

Navigating Your Seasons Of Change Review

By Margaret Lukasik

Donald E. Graham Jr's book, Navigating Your Seasons Of Change, is a unique and exciting book for all Christians, especially those needing to move forward with God rather than stagnating within their own scope of thinking or the negative opinions of others. While Donald and his wife, Precious Graham, are both ministers of the gospel, his book isn't a sermon preached at the reader. Instead, it's a rich commentary of successful Christian living based upon his own experiences through the seasons of change within his life and the lessons he learned by following God's Word and guidance. Reading his book leaves me with the conclusion that he must be a very dynamic pastor and speaker.

Donald helps the reader recognize God's best for their lives through the different seasons they go through as they follow God's will. He makes clear that although none of us are perfect, God will take our problems and mistakes and use them to help us draw nearer to Him. He also teaches that God will help us rise above the limitations given us by family and friends with His forgiveness, love and the unique life purpose we've all been given. So many times we get caught up in what others think about us rather than "who we are in Christ." By taking to heart the opinions others have formed about us based upon the mistakes we've made or the idle gossip said about us, we will not be able to shift from one season of our lives to the next. Donald shows the reader how to keep their mind and heart on God's Word instead of the discouraging and limiting words we might hear about ourselves.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Navigating Your Seasons Of Change and agree with the wisdom Donald shares about how to navigate through each stage of our lives. Christians must be built up by those who love the Lord and live by His Word. Keeping company with mature Christians will help those who are troubled remained focused upon the Lord to navigate to their season of healing. This will enable God to bring great opportunities into one's life as they learn how to have an abiding commitment to put God's Word first. Donald also teaches that we need to be faithful in the little things before we can be trusted with greater gifts and abilities from the Lord. This can't be done if we're stuck in the past with people who can't see good in us or who keep us from hearing God's guidance. "God's Word will be lost," he warns. "We won't be able to hear His guidance for our lives!" Therefore we must trust God for the company we keep in order to keep moving forward with Him through the various seasons of our lives.

Navigating Your Seasons Of Change was extremely well-written with words that come straight from the author's heart. He bares his soul to all with personal information that was important to the book's message and he ends the book with the season of praise and thankfulness for all God has done in his life. In all my years of being a Christian I've come to realize that the sign of maturity in a Christian's life is revealed through their daily thankfulness and joy for what God has done, is doing and will continue to do in their lives. I highly recommend this positive Christian spiritual growth book that will help all Christians continue with God from the season of life they're currently experiencing to the next with continuing success.

After reading Donald's book you'll want to praise and thank God the way I did! It's a refreshing and exciting Christian living book that gives hope and joy to all by sharing the simplicity of God's Word. It will place every believer unsure of their purpose on the right path to their greatest life through each season of change. I loved the book!

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About Pastor Donald E. Graham Jr.

Navigating Your Seasons Of Change Author Donald E. Graham Jr.

Donald E. Graham Jr.

Donald E. Graham Jr. has been an ordained minister since 1997. He willingly proclaims the gospel with an unparalleled sense of drive and passion.  Born in Brooklyn, New York, Minister Graham is also an anointed singer and songwriter who has had the privilege of recording with the likes of Queen Latifah, James Fortune, and Earnest Pugh. 

He is also a contributing writer for Empower Magazine and The Cofield Report. Minister Graham, along with his wife Minister Precious Graham, co-host a weekly internet talk show entitled "In His Name" where they engage their listeners with a message of love, grace, and spiritual redemption while addressing the issues of everyday life.

They currently reside in King of Prussia, PA, and serve as members of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church in Philadelphia, PA under the leadership of Reverend Dr. Alyn E. Waller, Senior Pastor

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