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                             By Margaret Lukasik

Hey, God Why Is It Taking So Long? 

A practical life purpose guide for women who find themselves in a place where their purpose in life is confused with daily chores, family and work.

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Hey God What's Taking So Long? By Lynette Hagin

Get To Know God By Looking To Him For Your Purpose In Life!

Hey, God, Why Is It Taking So Long?, By Lynette Hagin was a great "eye opener" for me.  -Margaret Lukasik

Get In Sync With God's Timing For Your Life Purpose

When I was younger, the book "Hey, God, Why Is It Taking So Long? by Lynette Hagin helped me to understand why I wasn't getting the full picture of what God wanted me to do.  

I kept thanking God to show me the way, but there were many things I had to understand before I could move forward from one step to the next.



 My Review:  

Lynette's book helped me to understand that we move as fast with our life purpose according to what we know from God's Word and how we are able to act upon it.  But we also receive guidance from God step-by-step, sometimes not knowing the full picture of what God wants us to do.  This way we don't try to rush ahead and mess up because we're not ready yet.

Some people may be ready sooner, but most of us have a journey that can take time as God perfects us and teaches us through His Word, guiding and helping us to find our way in life as well as our purpose.

Also, I was a mom like so many other women.  Lynette's book explained that as mothers, part of our purpose is to bring up our children, take care of their needs and show them the way they should go, devoting much of our time to this purpose.  Then as they are  able to move forward in their lives, we can begin to move forward with our unique calling.

As we are in a place of waiting upon God for this time, it's important that we learn the Word and practice it daily, teaching our children how to do the same.  This is probably one of the most important lessons we can learn and it is great preparation so that God can trust us with things we may not yet understand, but must know to fulfill our life purpose.

If you're wondering if God will ever use you, this book is very helpful and will teach you how to have patience and enjoy where you are today in your walk with God.  You'll also learn how to wait upon God and learn new things that will teach you how to trust God and be obedient to His will.

God continues to love us and is ready to work with us no matter how stubborn we have been or distant.  So if you're wondering what happened to those dreams you thought would transpire in your life but never did, seek God today and He will help you bring them to life.


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