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Evangelism God's Way Manual

The Evangelism God's Way Manual Written by Evangelist, Deborah Nembhard-Colquhoun,  exemplifies the most effective methods of evangelism. It also provides many strategic plans and guidelines for effective evangelism concerning discipleship, educating and leadership.

Evangelism God's Way Manual

Book Genre:  Non-Fiction / Christian-Non Fiction / Christian Growth


By Deborah Nembhard-Colquhoun


All believers, particularly those who aspire to be in leadership or are currently in ministry should own this evangelism manual. This manual is a much-needed resource in the field of evangelistic outreach. It seeks to give practical training and equipping to those who wish to fulfill the call of the Great Commission. The manual is useful for teaching, training, witnessing, follow-up discipleship, launching your own ministry, and even for acquiring personal knowledge of evangelism.

The enormity of the task of evangelism may lead one to discouragement. To help diminish some of the negative factors and provide adequate tools for the task, Deborah Nembhard-Colquhounhas prepared this Evangelism God's Way Manual which outlines information that will boost the effectiveness of evangelism efforts and increase the opportunities for winning souls in the areas of teaching, training, witnessing, follow up, discipleship, starting your own evangelism ministry, and many other tasks...

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Evangelism God's Way Manual

By Deborah Nembhard-Colquhoun

by Margaret Lukasik

Deborah Nembhard-Colquhoun warns all Christians in her new training manual, Evangelism God's Way, "do not let fear hinder the mighty hands of God to work in your life! Overcome your fear with faith, and step out into victory." 

I believe Deborah is warning us to move forward with God to save the lost and the broken-hearted.  This is the key message of this loving and courageous warrior of Christ who has experienced the call of God on her life and the joy of fulfilling it as an Evangelist.   

However, it wasn't always easy for her and her husband, Wilkie in the beginning of their ministry. There was little information available to them in the Toronto area of Canada, so they experienced many hard times along the way.  These were not due to disobedience but due to a lack of resources.While God guides and leads us into His will for our lives, we will fail without training, wisdom and experience in the things of God to know what He is saying.  Just as we need education and training for careers, businesses and even hobbies, it is the same with ministry.  We must learn to spread the Gospel as Christians, and if called into the ministry, we must learn how to fill that office or position God's way! But if that training is not available to us in our churches or communities, we must look elsewhere. 

Evangelism God's Way is not only a true source for this information, but it also teaches one how to become a successful Christian.  Deborah's manual includes the information we all need as Christians to find our way out of the darkness of the world to live in the light of Jesus Christ.  I felt the power of God's Word coming through it's pages, giving me a greater clarity of the Word for sharing Christ, building up our churches, and daily walking in the Word. 

I was also touched with a strong sense of God's love for me as well as His urgency for each of us to spend more quiet time in prayer with Him.  We need to remain centered upon Him with our minds, bodies and souls so that He can reveal the deepest parts of our hearts and give us His forgiveness as we ask.  Deborah gives her readers step-by-step instruction to do this by teaching how to have a Holy lifestyle and how to evangelize.     

If you are not experiencing answered prayer, healing, God's blessings and the ability to save the lost, Evangelism God's Way will equip you to deal with the evil forces working against the Body of Christ to keep each member walking in fear and in circles.  Learn how to step out of confusion and become strong and courageous in Christ by living in God's power rather than trying to live God's Word on your own ability. 

I can't be thankful enough for God bringing Deborah's manual into my life.  It's one of the best sources of Christianity and sharing Christ I have ever read in over thirty-five years of implementing it and sharing it with others.

Author Biography

Evangelism God's Way Manual

Deborah Nembhard-Colquhoun is an ordained evangelist, with the Evangelical Association of Canada. She is currently in her last year of Bible college, pursuing a degree in theology.  She has worked extensively with local churches across Canada

She is the founder of Evangelism God's Way Ministry in TorontoOntario, to teach and equip leaders in effective evangelism ministry. 

Deborah and her husband, Wilkie, a minister, live in Ajax Ontario with three children, Kevin, Andre, and Joshua.

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Evangelism God's Way Manual

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