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I'm Saved, Now What? 

Discovering The Keys To Abundant Living

Christian book review for the new Christian novel, I'm Saved, Now What? Discovering The Keys To Abundant Living by Christian author and speaker Margaret Wesley!  Please see my review of this dynamic Christian Fiction novel.

I'm Saved Now What? By Margaret H. Wesley

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                Genre = Christian Fiction
                Publisher = CreateSpace
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             Publish Date = January 2012

I'm Saved...Now What? Discovering The Keys To Abundant Living Book Review 

By Margaret Lukasik

Margaret Wesley paints a beautiful Christian story in I'm Saved Now What? that tugs at the heart, stirring at times great compassion and at other times disbelief at the main character's vulnerable state of wanting a man in her life at all costs. The story begins with Mikayla Daniels living life on her own terms, strong and determined to have whatever she wants at the cost of hurting others.  But as the story develops, so does this beautiful young woman who comes to realize there is more to life than a perfect face and beautiful clothes.   

Mikayla was raised to care about outward appearances above inner development, leaving her with little depth.  However that didn't stop her from living the life of her dreams as a junior partner in a top law firm.  Sophisticated and worldly it appeared that she had it all, but as times passes and the man she loves tries to influence her direction in life, she takes a surprising turn by making one of the hardest decisions of her life.  This defining moment settles her life with God and brings forth the blessing of a miracle that leads her to the truth and reality of God's undying love and forgiveness.     

But this is not where the book ends.  Margaret cleverly provides a part II to her book, "Discovering The Keys To Abundant Living," which gives Biblical answers for many of the difficulties her main character had to face and overcome. These same problems are those facing many young women today. With Margaret's knowledge of the scriptures and God's guidance she is able to lead the reader into a clear path of restoration and healing.    

If you're looking for a great Christian novel and practical information that will help you center upon God to discover your way in life through Jesus Christ, don't pass on the opportunity to get Margaret Wesley's new book, I'm Saved, Now What? It's the answer to the confusion about salvation many new Christians face and it will direct and guide a more mature Christian in their continued walk God.

You can order this dynamic book today.  

Author Bio

I'm Saved Now What? By Margaret H. WesleyMargaret H. Wesley was born in New Bern, NC on March 19, 1979. She graduated from North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC in 2001 with a degree in Business.

She had worked in the banking and mortgage industry until 2009 with plans to become a mortgage loan broker, but when she suddenly lost her ability to walk her life took a different turn. It was during this 8-month period that she penned her first book, The Job Experience: My Personal Testimony of How to Face Battles and Win.

By divine guidance (see her video below) Margaret was led to become a full-time writer and inspirational speaker. Her prolific and insightful messages are designed to encourage others to see their adversity as tools for learning, instruction and catalysts for promotion that only God can give. Visit her website below to see a collection of her other books. Margaret currently resides in North Carolina with her three sons, Jamaal Jr., and twins, Jamison and Javon.

Website:  MH


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