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The Holy Spirit and His Gifts Book Review

Without The Holy Spirit and His Gifts by Kenneth E. Hagin, it would have taken me years to understand the gifts of the spirit.

The Holy Spirit and His Gifts

Learn About The Holy Spirit

Many Christians all over the world have benefited spiritually from this one-of-a-kind book. It's scripturally sound teaching that every church leader should read as well as every Christian to keep in step with the Holy Spirit. Don't settle for mediocre Christianity when you can live by the spirit instead of by the flesh.

Get to know the Holy Spirit as a real entity that wants you to work with Him. In ministry school I received an eye-opening example of how most Christians regard the Holy Spirit.  The instructor likened the Holy Spirit to a person trying to communicate with us daily, but we just go our separate ways without acknowledging Him as if He had no importance.  This is what we do and this is why life is so difficult--we turn our back on the One who God has given us to comfort us, show us things to come and to guide us as we're told in John 16:13-14.  

Review Of The Holy Spirit and His Gifts 

This was a great study for me that would have been very difficult to accomplish on my own. Kenneth Hagin prepared, organized and described each of the 9 gifts of the Spirit in a way that was easy to understand, even for a layperson.  I first read this book when I was new to the Word so I needed guidance on the subject. I realized that any information about the Holy Spirit is important because He is our comforter, our Guide and our Teacher. 

Christians shouldn't take lightly the Gifts of The Holy Spirit that He dispenses and it's vital to understand how they are used. Follow the information in this book and you will see your life take off for and with Jesus Christ.  Learn how important the Holy Spirit is to your daily life. Most Christians aren't taught to give Him credibility for His function in the Trinity. This book will give you a new respect of the Holy Spirit and a new ability to function in the spirit."

By learning to keep in step with the Holy Spirit you'll be able to abide in the fruit of the Spirit which results in a Godly life and which gives greater understand of living in the spirit.  If you're ready to take your Christian growth to the next step, The Holy Spirit and His Gifts will be a great start.  I know it was for me.  

About The Author

Plans, Purposes and Pursuits

Rev. Kenneth Hagin 

Rev. Kenneth Hagin died in 2oo3, but his legacy carries on through his family.  He was a gentle man who was great in faith and his obedience to God and the Word.  He was known as the �father of the modern faith movement.� 

He served in ministry for almost seventy years until his death.  His strong faith was developed as a boy when he received healing from an incurable blood disease and a deformed heart in 1933 by reading his Bible and trusting God by faith that He was healed.  He discovered God�s Word for healing on His own as He was led by God.  

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