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Learn About Heaven and Hell From This Compelling Book

"Hell On Earth" by Pastor Olabisi Obideyi Gives Unique Revelation About Heaven and Hell.

The Authors Experience Will Overcome Any Doubt That There Is a Heaven and a Hell.

Hell On Earth Christian Growth

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HELL ON EARTH By Olabisi Obideyi

This intense book is an account of the author waking up one morning to an unsettling voice welcoming her to hell.  From that point her daily realty of the physical realm shifted to the spiritual as she was beckoned to the land of the dead and the battle of Armageddon." 

This shocking event in her life was the beginning of her heaven and hell encounter that has had a profound effect upon her life.  Now she shares this information with others to prove from her experience that there is indeed a heaven and a hell in a world where people daily bypass the spiritual and live only by what they can see.  

Read this exciting book that will make you think about the choice you must make about  heaven or hell.  Pastor Olabisi's unforgettable life-changing encounter was experienced as an 'open vision,' one that goes beyond the testimonies of heaven and hell encountered by people in recent times.  This is a book filled with gripping revelations about heaven and hell!

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Book Genre:  Non-Fiction Christian Book 

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Author Bio For "Hell On Earth" Author, OLABISI OBIDEYI:

Pastor Olabisi

Pastor Olabisi became the founder and Senior Pastor of Freedom House International Ministries following a Holy Spirit encounter that she had in 2004. She became more passionate about Christ after her experience about heaven and hell, which also took place that same year.

Since becoming a pastor, she has touched many lives across the world through her face-to-face powerful teachings, and through her books of divine revelations such as Revelations in Master Dominion Actual conversation with God. 

Pastor also Olabisi holds an LLB (hons) degree in law.

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Learn More About Heaven and Hell by Reading "Hell On Earth"

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Book Review by Margaret Lukasik:

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