7-Day Christian Growth Master Training

Experience The Victory Through Christ Learning Center

Take The Challenge To Go Higher With God!

Isaiah 55:9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways
higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.


  • how to begin your journey to victorious Christian living.
  • how to stop moving in circles to receive what you need NOW.
  • how to conquer doubt, fear and uncertainty when it comes to your life, your career and your life goals.
  • how to feel strongly connected to living the victorious life by quickly overcoming the battles that you can't seem to win on your own.

What Else You'll Experience...

  • The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Master Training
  • The Growing Christian Empowerment Library (current and all new ebooks) 
  • New information, video, ebooks, short Bible Studies and courses
  • My assistance whenever you need help or have questions
  • The Christian Weight Loss Project For Good Health and lasting Weight Loss
  • The Christian Money Growth Package (popular for getting out of debt)
  • The Doing Business God's Way Bible Study (most popular study) 
  • The Meditation Center to relax and listen to scripture with peaceful music for your personal needs (Soon To be  Added) 

My Mission For All Christians...

I believe that all Christians have the right to live victoriously In Christ Jesus because of His shed blood on the cross for all mankind to be forgiven and through repentance to become whole and empowered.  Therefore, my personal mission is to help Christians who are saved but who have never received Christian transformation receive the training needed to live the full benefits of God's Kingdom! 

My Commitment To All Christians...

Victory Through Christ has been committed since 1999 to guide Christians into developing a strong foundation of Jesus Christ for a Godly lifestyle. Romans 12:2 says that all Christians must transform their minds with the Word of God to elevate their thinking and actions to God's thinking and ways (Isaiah 59:9).  My goal is to provide a Christian life-changing experience at a very low cost to you.  This is why I'll be happy to answer questions for free! 

Here's How The Training Can Help You... 

I've designed the 7-Day Christian Growth Master Training, which is a combination of the 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge teaching and corresponding video, audio, text and worksheets, that all work together in a specific way to help you find your way in Christ without being intimidated by what you don't know about the Bible.  I've made it so that it can be personalized to help Christians in every situation.  This is why you'll be able to discover your inner empowerment in Christ and use it to find your way out of the specific problems and difficulties in your life that you can't seem to overcome on your own. 

Once and for all you're going to stop walking in circles and take a direct path to your victory over life issues, business, career, relationships, health, weight loss, addictions and money.  You're going to become successful in Christ and in life! Once and for all you're going to experience Kingdom Living because YOU'RE GOING TO LEARN WHY YOU ARE THE RIGHTOUSNESS OF GOD and what that means exactly!

    Highlights Of The Study: 

Balanced Study At Your Convenience

Relax and enjoy the lessons that work with your schedule from anywhere.  Put on your earphones and listen to the faith building videos.  

Learn The Power Of Praise and Worship

Enjoy praise and worship time before each study to draw nearer to God and to develop a new understanding of God's Empowerment over your lie. 

Get On The Path To Victorious Living! 

You'll grow daily with the mix of text, video and audio that all work together for answered prayer, healing, encouragement, success and victory. 

7-Day Christian Growth Master Training At A Glance

Every Christian is responsible to follow God's ways and thoughts to develop a successful Christian lifestyle, but it's difficult if you don't know where or how to begin. This is why I created and designed...

The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge!

This exciting Master Training for Christian growth will challenge and help you to quickly get on the path to victorious Christian living and show you how to remain in a position of Christ's peace so that you can enjoy life while you grow a deeper relationship with God that will continue to grow and bless you!  

The Guide For the 7-Day Christian Challenge to get you on the right path for Christian Living.

The 7-Day Christian Growth Master Training Is Designed To Get You On The Right Path With God...

What path am I referring to exactly?  All Christians are responsible to live their salvation, not just accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and then stop at that point!  If they do, the world will overtake them and rob them of God's blessings and their VICTORY! Salvation is only the beginning of your journey in Christ and I'm going to show you how to get on the right path with Christ and stay on it by showing you how to make the scriptures come alive in your life! Once you learn how to take dominion over your life, you'll be free of addictions, bad relationships, overspending, negative thinking, bad eating and so much more.  

Learn to live your salvation by growing in Christ Jesus Daily!
You'll learn to overcome whatever comes against you!

What Is The Most Crucial Element Of Faith
That You'll Learn So That You Can Receive From God?

Dear Christian Friend, you need to believe that God not only exists, but that He is always available to you, ready to share His love with you and to always answer your prayers.  However, He can't help you unless you learn how to trust Him by the kind of faith that accomplishes all things.  If you can't trust God, then you can't believe that He'll deliver you from your problems and prosper your life, take down strongholds or bless others because of your prayers.

You're Going To Learn How To "TRUST GOD" In The Midst Of Whatever Is Happening To You, Around You Or In The World.

By taking the study you'll receive access to the study area which is a place where you'll want to visit often.  It's a place that welcomes you, makes you feel at home and that will open your heart for accelerated Christian growth.  The Bible is simple, but many times we complicate our learning because we try to understand it based upon our experience, the advice of others, or negative emotions.

Examine The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Master Training Experience:

1).  You'll begin the 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge training (text) to take your authority in Christ Jesus and move forward in Him for success and victory!  

2). Use the Bible Study guide, video, audio and the many other  enhancements that work with the study to keep you on the path to victorious Christian living daily. 

3).  Take part in the exciting actions that personalize the lessons so they can come alive for you and cause the kind of changes only the Word can make.  

4).  Enjoy the daily Praise and Worship time to open your heart for each new study along with the many free, life-changing tools which are easy to use. 

Receive My Assistance FREE!

I Want You To Succeed!

"Once you enter the training, you'll receive everything you need to begin the 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Master Training based 100% upon scripture.  AndI'll be available if you need my help or assistance.  The training is based upon a ministry class I took in 2007 that had a profound effect upon my life and many others.  As I challenged myself to live what I had learned, it took my understanding of the scriptures to a new level and it helped me to understand how to receive answered prayer once I had prayed.  I'll never bother you, but I'll be ready to help you if you need me.  I'll be happy to learn about you and how you're doing with the training.  I really do care about you."

The Study Is Designed For New Christians and Seasoned Christians

  • I've created studies for Christians from all walks of life, but I'm offering you more than studies.  I've created an organized center of learning, worshiping and taking action with God using simple steps that all lead to consistent Christian growth.  I copied the atmosphere I received when I attended ministry school at Cottonwood Church in Southern California. It was a beautiful time of Christian learning with daily praise and worship in the morning before classes and again in the afternoon.       
  • And, you can begin with God where you are right now in your Christian walk and then continually move forward throughout the studies and study aides provided.  The lessons are easy to follow for even new Christians and Christians new to the Word with audio and video for greater clarification.  And remember, I'll be avialable to help you if you need my assistace at no cost!  However, I'll never bother you or take you valuable time if you wish to work completely alone.
  • You don't have to wait years to grow in Christ.  In fact, you'll grow much faster from the first lesson than I did in a few years because I've organized and refined what I've learned for the benefit of others.    
  • We're all acountable as believers to learn the Word and live it as we learn it!  If you've been putting off God for any reason, including a busy schedule, I've made it easy to help you follow Christ and walk with Him daily.  Once you begin The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Master Training, you'll be able to get the understanding you need in a short time to make God's Word a lifestyle of daily victory and freedom!  And, you can study at your own speed because you'll have a full year within the training area.  However, you can download and save whatever information you need if you don't wish to continue another year.  
  • Joining The 7-Day Christian Growth Master Training will cause you to take action and receive from God or experience the intended result you need from Day 1.  You'll be off and running with God in no time by watching your life proceed in God's direction for your blessings, and you'll create a strong foundation of Christ Jesus for further growth in only 7 days or longer if your schedule is busy.  


  • The Growing Christian Empowerment Library (all my current and new studies) 
  • New information, video, studies and courses
  • My assistance if you need help or have questions
  • The Christian Weight Loss Project For Good Health and Weight Loss
  • The Christian Money Growth Package (popular for getting out of debt)
  • The Doing Business God's Way Bible Study (most popular study) 

I've included the Christian Weight Loss Project and the Christian Money Growth Package because healthy weight loss and money growth are two of the most difficult challenges in life.  They both work with the Master Training to arm you with Biblical and practical  solutions for success rather than suffering and living outside of God's blessings.  

The Christian
Weight Loss Project

The Project is worth $14.97.  

The Christian Money Growth Package

This package is worth $59.95.

Let Me Ask You An Important Question...

Were You Left At The Altar Aftering Receiving Salvation, Wondering What Comes Next But There Was No One To Help You?

Many people are heavily pursued by Christians to receive salvation, but once they're saved, that person has moved on to someone else to get them saved.  Some Christians were called to save souls, but they're not always equipped to build a strong foundation of Jesus Christ within the hearts of God's people.  This is where the 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Master Training can help.  If you're saved but have never learned how to live your salvation, you need this study!  

You may already attend a church that offers Word-based new Christian or new membership classes, but once they're over, it can seem as if you're on your own. When I was new to the Word, I found it difficult on a daily basis to ward off the attacks that new Christians experience while I was trying to live a Godly life.  I found myself in the midst of one problem after another. 

You may be going through the same problems I had or perhaps you're facing temptations from your past life, and the people in it are tempting you to walk away from God.  The pain of this emotional torture can be unbearable.  I see this in church on Sundays when church members give their testimonies during our early morning Bible studies.  However, these problems can be overcome by learning how to let the Word of God come alive within your whole being for victory, peace and joy!

If you were saved yesterday or 50 years ago and didn't progress past receiving eternal life, I'm thankful that you're saved, but I want to help you get past that point.  And, don't think because you're older it's too late!  It's never too late with God!  Never!  I was a late-bloomer with God.  I didn't begin reading my Bible until I was in my late twenties. But I didn't really come to understand the scriptures until my early-thirties.  Even then, I didn't know how to overcome some of my most difficult problems that were holding me back in life and with God.

Now is the perfect time for you to get started with God by living your salvation rather than feeling as if there is more to Christianity but you don't know where to begin.  You'll receive everything you need for this dynamic foundation package to accelerate your spiritual growth plus all my specific studies are available to you in the Christian Empowerment Study Library.  

You'll also receive new information, videos, studies, courses and lessons free as I add them for one full year.  This gives you time to accomplish your goals, download or read the studies you need and receive my help if you have questions about your situation.  You can cancel before the next year if you wish.  I'll send you a reminder before you're billed for another year or I can cancel for you so there are no worries.  I just want to make this a life-changing experience at a very low cost.

The ultimate goal is to develop a strong foundation of Jesus Christ that will make God's Word come alive in your life as you continue to growth in Him.  All you supply is your Bible, but I've already included many study scriptures.  Follow the lessons day by day and it will lead to your taking authority in Christ over all that comes against you, others and your country. 

You're going to achieve the dominion over your life that you need to keep from being tempted to follow the world and the sin it perpetuates.  You won't have to fight temptations, you'll follow Christ instead as you develop the New Man In Christ you became when you were saved.  The Master Training, active assignments, daily praise and worship, audio and video lessons are designed to work together to build in you the strong foundation of Jesus Christ that you need for transformation and empowerment.  And, the Master Training and videos are all in a classroom setting so that you can study from the site pages.  You can study from anywhere and on the go. 

Get Off The Fence Of Christian Mediocrity And Get On The Path To Victorious Christian Living Today! 


$99.97 $37.95

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