100 Biblical Topics From The Journey and Destiny Of A Christian By Ted Matamis


A Look Into a New and Dynamic Christian Book For All Christians

Journey and Destiny Of A ChristianI recently read the book The Journey ad Destiny Of A Christian by Ted Matamis that shares 100 Biblical topics or messages new Christians or Christians new to the Word can practice daily and actively live.  They’re clear and concise for any level of Christian to read and understand. 

This isn’t the type of book to read once and forget.  It can be read over and over again for a lifetime.  Each of the 100 Biblical topics carries a strong impact and follows through with the daily activities and problems we all face. 

Why The 100 Biblical Messages Are Important

God’s Word is easy to follow and live by utilizing Roman’s 12:2 for mind transformation with simultaneous actions following.  However, we all come to Christ with preconceived ideas about living life which makes it difficult for many new Christians to understand God’s Word.  This is why it’s essential to receive Christian Training to take the path of Christ. 

Books like The Journey and Destiny of a Christian are valuable to help in the training process for new Christians because it’s based 100 percent upon the scriptures.  I mention this in my book review because I feel that it’s so vital to only read Christian material that follows the Word of God. 

To read my review and learn more about this dynamic book, go to Amazon.com.  You can read more about Ted on my websiteIf you wish to partake in Ted’s email ministry, visit his website at:  www.aspiritualnotefromthebible.com.      

If you have little time, you can listen to my condensed review on video.  Click below to watch.  I share my insights about the book and what I believe it can do for Christians.  I gave it 5 stars on Amazon.com.




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