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Author of Searched and Seized By God, A. L. Mingo, shares his life and reveals painful events he experienced while at the same time searching for his purpose in life. The book also reveals the author’s undying love and devotion to his lovely wife, LaDonne, who sharing her Godly traits as a wife and to the world and uncovering what made her a first-class lady, wife and mother. Although we were warned repeatedly that our marriage would never work. In spite of the obstacles we faced, it has endured more than five decades “in sickness and in health.”  

He also shares the fear that overtook his heart when she was diagnosed with a fatal disease and the pain he experienced as he watched her suffer daily.  Yet, A.L. Mingo fills his book with writings that depicts how a sovereign God is deeply absorbed in the affairs of His seemingly insignificant creation. He boldly states that it’s his goal and utmost desire from start to finish to glorify God Who is our Creator.  He believes that even the most unspiritual person can clearly see the sovereign hand of God at work in every twist and turn of his journey.


Searched and Seized By God

A Testimony Of God's Love - Even In Trials

Guidance To Center On God For Purpose

Teaching For Living By Faith Each Day

Examples For Waiting Upon God's Truth

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– By Margaret Lukasik


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Al Mingo is a retired police officer who received numerous awards and accolades durning the years he served on the police force.  In 1974 Al graduated from the Lake Michigan College Criminal Justice program and has been certified as a Michigan law enforcement officer by the Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) SINCE 1974.

During his years of service, he graduated from the 92nd Michigan Department of State Police Trooper Recruit School in 1978. He was also trained as a Drug Abuse Resistance  Eduation (D.A.R.E.) officer by the Los Angeles Police Department in 1988 and became one of the first D.A.R.E.officers to serve in Michigan. He completed numerous courses on law enforcement-related training.

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