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Created For Greatness


While Christians are renewed in Christ, we must live that life to experience the benefits no matter what is happening around us. We are not victims but victorious!  AMEN!

Thank you for visiting. I’ve written many Christian studies and articles on this site that teach how to take authority in Christ with unshakable faith against any difficulty, including troubled times.  

The good news is that Christ’s work on the cross has made believers a new nationality in Him (1 Peter 2:9)no longer divided by the worldly assessment of a person by race, skin color, financial, political or social positions. Sharing that truth will spread seeds of God’s love within the world. 

We each have a free will, therefore, we have the ultimate control as to what seeds we plant within our hearts and within the world. Let’s choose to plant God’s truth with actions following. We can stand firm against the lies and deceptions we’re told daily by standing in the Gap for revival and restoration.  

– M a r g a r e t  L u k a s i k,  S i t e  A u t h o r

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Our Goal is your Christian success which begins with following Jesus and keeping in step with the Holy Spirit. This is why we’re sharing the Holy Spirit Lab for free with our subscribers. Our foundation study and 7-Day course are helping people live empowered and victorious lives to serve God and to overcome the difficulties people today are facing today! Fear is of the enemy, but when we take our eyes off Satan and onto Jesus we can overcome the fear, doubt and deceptions that are trying to turn Christians away from God (Matt 16:24 and Matt 10:38).

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Created For Greatness

Victory Though Christ

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Don’t face your debt or money problems alone! Look to God and trust Him as you look to His Word for blessing to overcome. Read More

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If you desire to serve God, but you’re waiting for Him to show you the way, don’t wait any further. It’s time to take action. Serving God effectively and successfully begins with spiritual growth. It comes from specific teaching that accelerates inner growth, and heals the problems keeping you from God’s guidance and special plan for you alone. 

By the Holy Spirit you’ll receive understanding of the current conditions in the world and how to overcome them in your life, how to help God bring change in the world through personal Christian revival and how to take the negative and use it to bring the positive conclusion you need. Discover your most fulfilled life in Christ empowered to accomplish whatever you’re called to do. It may be in business, a specific career or the ministry. Whatever it is, God will give you the guidance and steps to achieve it. 

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Walk through the pages of You Were Created For Greatness and into your most fulfilled life! Quickly learn how to grow spiritually each day and at the same time gain the Biblical skills you need to take DOMINION over your life. Step by step you’ll learn the 3 categories of Christian transformation to help you overcome and heal from the problems that have kept you from DISCOVERING AND DEVELOPING the talents and abilities you were given to live God’s plan for your life! Get the instant download now and begin.  Click here to order safely. 

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Author Sylvia Huffnagle 

If you are looking for straight talk about what God says and/or about what the Bible really teaches, please check out Sylvia Huffnagle’s website:  Syliva is also the author of many Christian books which you will find on her website and a series of articles written to help Christians grow in Christ.  

The Empowered Christian

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. –Isaiah 55:8

Move Up To God’s Thoughts and Ways By Becoming TRANSFORMED AND RENEWED IN CHRIST!  This is a process that all Christians must take to become empowered (Romans 12:2). Take 3 Steps That Will Set You On A Course Of Christian Empowerment.   Click Here To Learn More.

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By margaret lukasik
Created For Greatness

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