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There are many aspects to Christian growth. This site centers on the victory we have in Christ to overcome the problems of life through Christian transformation. This process also leads to the discovery and develpment of life purpose.  How do you begin for life purpose? Click here to learn the process and make it a way of life. 

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Victory Through Christ
Margaret Lukasik

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Welcome to our community dedicated to achieving victory through Christ. As believers, we understand the everyday struggles and difficulties that life throws our way. But we also know that with Christ as our guide, we have the strength and resilience to overcome any obstacle.

Through relatable articles, resources and books, we want to showcase the transformative power of Christ in the lives of everyday people. From overcoming addiction, to finding purpose and joy in the midst of adversity, we have been here to offer hope and inspiration for those seeking a life of victory in Christ since 1999.

We believe that the act of planting seeds is crucial to achieving victory. By choosing to sow the seeds of God’s love and truth, we invite blessings and abundance into our lives. And by standing firm in the gap for revival and restoration, we can be the catalysts for transformation in our world.

Join us today and become part of a community dedicated to achieving victory through Christ. Let us walk alongside you on your journey towards a life of abundance, joy, and peace.

– M a r g a r e t  L u k a s i k,  S i t e  A u t h o r

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Victory Through Christ

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Our Goal is your Christian success which begins with following Jesus and keeping in step with the Holy Spirit. We center on helping Christians develop a strong spiritual growth built on a foundation of Jesus Christ. I’ve spent twenty plus years teaching Christians how to successfully live their salvation and purpose through my websites and related mentoring program for accelerated Christian growth. Over time I discovered that Christians quickly connect with God to release their blessings once they learn that they are already blessed in Christ according to Philemon 6. 

  This teaching is helping Christians live empowered and victorious lives to serve God and to overcome the difficulties people are facing today! Fear is of the enemy, but when we take our eyes off Satan and onto Jesus we can overcome the fear, doubt and deceptions that try to turn Christians away from God.  – Margaret Lukasik

Discover Your Purpose

Christian Author Alliance

Having a working knowledge and of Christian transformation based on Romans 12:2 you’ll be prepared to discover and develop your purpose. You can begin right now! More… 

Created For Greatness

The Created For Greatness Study and Workbook

Are you ready for a deeper relationship with God? Do You desire to serve Him? Learn how to grow in Christ while you prepare for your life purpose. More

God's Financial Plan Offer

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Don’t face your money or debt problems alone! Look to God and trust Him as you look to His Word for blessing and Biblical wisdom to increase your money. More

Doing Business God's Way

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God will lead you to great opportunities and promote you in your job, career, ministry or business by following the Word to do business His way. More

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Victory Through Christ Review

Author Sylvia Huffnagle 

If you are looking for straight talk about what God says and/or about what the Bible really teaches, please check out Sylvia Huffnagle’s website: Syliva is also the author of many Christian books which you will find on her website and a series of articles written to help Christians grow in Christ.  

Our focus

Our Focus Is On Your Christian Success

Life Purpose Steps
25 + Years Experience

For over 25 years, Margaret has served the Online Christian community. Her approach is to empower believers to tap into God's Word daily to overcome challenges and live a life that honors God through their purpose. Her focus is on your life purpose discovery.

Life Purpose Steps
Life Altering Blog Posts

Margaret's blog posts and articles are written to help Christians understand how to use specific Biblical principles with everyday life and problems to grow in God's plan. They are not written to be politcal or controversial, but to keep Christians centered on God's truth.

Life Purpose Steps
Life Purpose Community

You can join our community to communicate with Margaret. Keep up with her weekly messages that highlight a specific Christian topic to make them a part of your character for greater success in Christ.

Life Purpose Steps

Margaret shares many of her video and audio meditations that she uses within the "Created For Greatness eCourse and Holy Spirit Lab" for Christian renewal to make her studies come alive. They are scriptural according to Psalm 1-3 to build faith for Christian transformation.

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If you desire to serve God, but you’re waiting for Him to show you the way, don’t wait any further. It’s time to take action. Serving God effectively and successfully begins with spiritual growth. It’s built upon a strong foundation of Jesus Christ that accelerates spiritual growth, and heals the problems keeping Christians from taking dominion over their lives.

Learn how to receive guidance by the Holy Spirit to overcome the problems in your life and the world that you can’t take care of you on your own. You’ll also learn how to help God bring change in the world through personal Christian revival and how to take the negative and use it to bring the positive conclusion you need. Discover your most fulfilled life in Christ, empowered to accomplish whatever you’re called to do. It may be in business, a specific career or the ministry. Whatever it is, God will give you the guidance and steps to achieve it. – By Margaret Lukasik.

The Empowered Christian

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the LORD. –Isaiah 55:8

Move Up To God’s Thoughts and Ways By Becoming TRANSFORMED AND RENEWED IN CHRIST!  This is a process that all Christians must take to become empowered (Romans 12:2). Take 3 Steps That Will Set You On A Course Of Christian Empowerment.   Click Here To Learn More.

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By margaret lukasik
Created For Greatness

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