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Margaret Lukasik

Do You Ever Wish That You Could Grow In Christ But You Don't Know How Or Where To Begin?

As the site author, I'm excited to share this new element of reaching out to Christians.  I'm now offering a very unique means of learning God's Word that works!  Once you begin, your life will never be the same and you'll be able to share your growth with others!  I've created a working dynamic for every Christian to grow in Christ! 

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Who Can Utilize This Unique Membership?

All Christians desiring to live God's promises are welcome and able to participate in this exciting Online Program.  The purpose of the Membership Program is CHRISTIAN TRANSFORMATION to become a spiritual giant. If this sounds like "too tall" an order, I'm here to insure that you take this spiritual challenge and move forward with God to live your most fulfilled life! 

Easily learn how to live your salvation to the fullest!  Receive answered
prayer and take possession of your blessings and life purpose in Christ Jesus!

What Is The Most Crucial Element Of Faith
That You Need To Receive From God?

Dear Christian Friend, you need to believe that God not only exists, but that He is there for you, ready to share His love with you and answer your prayers.  But He can't help you unless you learn to Trust Him.  You need to develop a relationship with Him to build that trust.  If you can't trust God, then you can't believe He will deliver you from your problems and prosper your life. 


Our Courses All Lead To A Solid Trust In God!

You're Going To Learn How To "TRUST GOD" In The Midst Of Whatever Is Happening To You, Around You Or In The World.

We hear Christian leaders say to "trust God" or have "great faith" in God.  But they don't say how to do that! I'm going to show you how to trust God immediately, even if you feel resistance from your heart.  You'll learn to overcome anything holding you back from God's best because I'm going to show you how to see God without your problems and life getting in the way!

My desire for the Membership Program is to develop Christians in a short time to create a foundation of Jesus Christ from which to build their Inner Strength, Biblical Wisdom, and Faith to know that God will answer their every prayer.  I live this lifestyle and I want you to have it as well.  Then if you or somone you love falls ill or has need of something, you'll be ready to pray and receive what you need!

I've created studies for Christians from all walks of life, but I'm offering you more than studies alone, but a whole center, organized so that you can begin with God where you are right now in your Christian walk and then continually move forward throughout the courses provided.  The lessons are easy  to follow for even new Christians and Christians new to the Word with audio and sometimes video for greater clarification.

That's right!  I've also created enhancements to the lessons that will give them more impact and direction for your personal situation. Victory Membership is all about YOU and it's FREE to join!  See below for more course enhancements to insure that you learn.

I've been writing instructional information materials for 30 years and I've been writing Christians studies and courses since 1998.  I know what steps you need to begin with God and to continually be blessed and be a blessing. In the future I'll also be providing courses that have to do with using the Word on specific subjects that cause people the most problems. 

I've been a late bloomer with God being saved at age 9, yet not studying the Word until I was 27 years old and up to my ears with problems.  I was in the mist of the busiest time of my life with a young family, but somehow through all of that I learned to live God's Word and taught my family the same through precept and example -- but it took too many years because I had no one to help me.

You don't have to wait years to grow in Christ.  In fact, you'll grow much faster from the first lesson than I did in a few years because I've organzied and refined over the last 16 years what I learned for myself and others. 

We're all acountable as believers to learn the Word and live it as we learn it!  If you've been putting off God for any reason, including a busy schedule, I've made it easy to help you follow Christ and learn from Him lesson to lesson.  My studies are all based upon scripture and they were designed to help any Christian accomplish living God's Word and living the benefits it offers in a short time that snowballs into a lifestyle of daily victory and freedom!  

Each course will cause you to take action and receive from God or experience the intended result you need from Day 1.  You'll be off and running with God in no time by watching your life proceed in God's direction for your blessings and your life purpose!       

What Is Victory Membership:

  • Over time, your free membership entitles you to choose the courses you wish to take.  I've just opened the membership with two free courses and will be adding more consistently. 
  • You'll find a description of each course along with important information that will help you identify the course for your learning needs.  Many of the larger courses provide quizes, tests, correction scores.  All paid courses offer a certificate of completion.   
  • With each paid course you'll receive a PDF file, an audio lesson with affirmations and positive confessions specific to that lesson that work!  You'll learn how to make them even more specific to your situation.
  • While you can download the lessons you can easily read them Online from your electronic divice of choice.  The mp3 audio files and any MP4 files that might be included can be listened to or watched as well as downloaded. 
  • Only members will get our discount coupons for our paid courses.  So sign-up below or be notified with our push notification from your browser.

Our Membership Mission Scripture

Isaiah 55:9 (ASV) 9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Our Membership Is Designed To set you on the path of Victorious Living in Christ!


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