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Living For God

Are You Living For God? Are you living for God or for yourself?  If you’re a Christian you need to always be sure about living for God by living His […]

How To Live Up To Your Faith Potential

Your Faith Potential Is Larger Than What Your Realize   If you have faith in God it has the potential to make your life complete in Jesus Christ. It will […]

What Is Christian Humility?

Are You Serving God With Christian Humility or With Worldly Pride? Christians need to humble themselves before God because if they don’t, they’ll be pursuing their own plans, their purposes […]

The Bible On Homosexuality

THE BIBLE ON HOMOSEXUALITY… God’s Word Is The Last Word! Don’t Worry Or Pray To Make God Approve Of Your Decisions. Look To God For The Answers! QUESTION: Is It Against […]

How To Have God Centered Faith

God Centered Faith Quickly Moves Believers Out Of Little Faith In Matthew 6:30-34 Jesus describes the condition of having “little faith” rather than having mountain moving faith that all believers […]

God’s Christian Success Secret…

God’s Christian Success Secret For Life and Business Are You In The Full Bloom Of God’s Will? What is the Christian success secret for life and business and how do […]

How To Avoid Deception

6 Steps To Avoid Deception By Using Scripture   The information in this discussion is based upon the God’s Thoughts Bible Study. This study takes Christian thinking to God’s level […]

Is It Possible To Experience Lasting Christian Growth In 7 Days?

Is It Possible To Actually Experience Lasting Christian Growth In 7 Days?       NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD AT THE CENTER OF OUR LIVES! Luke 1:37 English Standard Version […]

Are Sinful Thoughts The Same As Sinning?

Are Sinful Thoughts The Same As Acting Out Sin? Sinful thoughts or Inappropriate thoughts can lead to many problems and lead us away from God and into a lifestyle of […]

Holy Spirit Empowerment

 Holy Spirit Empowerment Depends Upon Your Willingness To Accept God’s Will Luke 10:19 (KJV)  19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the […]

Judgement Day

Must Christians Face A Judgement Day Or Is This Just An Untruth Christian Leaders Say To Scare Their Congregations?   Because of problems people face they don’t always think about […]

Seeds Of Faith Video

Seeds Of Faith Video For Christian Empowerment Our lessons include spiritual growth lessons to help Christians know what to do from the moment they receive salvation in Christ. Many people […]

How God Loves

 Do You Know How God Loves You and How He Sees You? John 3:16 (NIV) 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that […]

Fix Your Eyes On Jesus

  Fix Your Eyes On Jesus Because He will Keep Your Life Moving In The Right Direction   Over time we all learn that our greatest success comes when we […]

Healing From Abuse

Healing From Abuse Can Only Be Complete When We Invite Jesus Into The Process Healing from abuse can be complicated when we look to our own reasoning and even assistance […]

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