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Is There A Reward For Christian Obedience?

Christian Obedience

IS THERE IS A REWARD FOR CHRISTIAN OBEDIENCE? YES, BUT IT’S IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THE OBEDIENT ATTITUDE.   While there is a reward for obedience, we should be obedient because we love and honor God first above everyone and all things. For this discussion I’m going to center upon two verses.  Please read Isaiah 1:19.  […]

Warning! Not Knowing How Christians Should Forgive…

How Christian should forgive

How Christians Should Forgive Is One Of The Most Misunderstood Elements Of Faith    If We Don’t Follow God’s Forgiveness, We Can’t Experience One Important Blessing From God…   God’s Love is the first commandment of the New Testament.  This means that in order to know how to forgive, we need to know how to […]

3 Reasons For Seeking God’s Will

Seeking God's Will

Seeking God’s Will To Grow In Christ We all have a purpose or destiny in life, but before God can trust us for living our purpose in Him, we need to live the Word as we learn it.  The more we learn, the closer to God we become. I realize that many Christians are led […]

The Cost Of Disobedience To God

Our Disobedience To God Opens The Door To Problems In Our Lives   For Christians, disobedience to God causes much strive from within.  The closer they are to God and the more of the Word they’ve lived, the more pain they feel.  Yet sometimes Christians get stuck in a place that keeps them bound because […]


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