The Spirit Of Revival Video Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

You Are Not Cursed But Empowered In Christ Jesus!

The Spirit Of Revival Video Book ReviewI’m announcing my latest video book review that gives a clear Picture of what The Spirit Of Revival – Christian Revivals, written by Pastor Awang Nelson Mfortaw, is about.   Please watch because we are in the latter days and this is a book that will quickly guide you into a state of God’s empowerment rather than fear.   

Many Christians in America and all over the world are being falsely led away from the truth of God’s Word rather than toward it to live and to serve God victoriously.  Pastor Nelson has organized important scripture from Genesis to Revelation with teachings based upon each to help Christians become spiritually mature so that they cannot be tricked into believing man’s false doctrines concerning the Bible. 

You won’t spend days or even months trying to figure out his message.  You’ll grasp the teachings so quickly you’ll be able to act upon them immediately with results!  This was my experience when teaching another Christian how to overcome a serious problem using God’s Word based upon the message given by Pastor Nelson. 



Your salvation could be at risk!  I’m not trying to scare anyone, I’m only stating my desire that Christians understand that the only way to salvation is to make Jesus their Lord and Savior.  Any preaching that discounts Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for our sins, is against the Word and is only meant to trick Christians out of their salvation.   Many Christians leaders today and selling out God’s Word by assuring the masses that anyone can go to heaven no matter what they believe.  This is a lie! 

Stick to the Word and you’ll never be tricked.  This is why I highly recommend that new Christians and Christians new to the Word read this book!  It’s going to catapult your spiritual understanding about God, Who He is, The works of Jesus Christ and the empowerment we have by keeping step with the Holy Spirit.   

To learn more about The Spirit of Revival – Christian Revivals and about the author’s interesting background, go to Pastor Nelson’s promotion page.  Or to view his order page and my written review, go to  


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