Protecting New Believers

I wanted to share this post that I read by Bayless Conley about new Christians titled Protecting New Believers. I think it can be very helpful to many.   We have been talking about the devil’s attack on newborn babes in Christ. This is something we can expect. But what are the reasons for it? […]

Look To Jesus

Look To Jesus For Whatever You Need: Forgiveness, Healing, Love, Encouragement, Mercy or Compassion   I can attest to the spiritual fact that we need to look to Jesus when we have problems and ask Him for help. Whenever I have called out for help in the name of Jesus Christ, I was saved. Even […]

Inspired Christian Reading

Inspired Christian Reading By Francis Andrews   Francis Andrews has put together inspired reading that is a collection of verses from the Bible to help Christians get more into the Word. God’s Word is life and as you read it and meditate upon it, it will feed your heart or spirit. The verses he has […]

Christian Prayer Motivation

A Matter of the Heart: Christian Prayer Motivation I like to share from Pastor Bayless Conley’s newsletter because I like his short but meaningful messages. Here is a current message about Christian prayer motivation I thought would be helpful. God cares deeply about the motivations of our hearts. In our last devotional, we saw that […]

Spiritual Healing

What Is The Difference Between Spiritual Healing and Scriptural Healing?   While this site is about scriptural healing, I wanted to share the importance of spiritual healing which must exist for scriptural healing to take place.   Go ahead and take a moment to think about the difference between the two.  While they sound similar […]

General Healing Scripture

General Healing Scripture For Most Problems In Life Our need for healing isn’t just for the body, but also for the mind, soul and spirit.  This is why I’ve included general healing scripture for whatever problem you have. God can show us what changes we need to make in our lives but it’s up to […]

Godly Obedience

Godly Obedience Is Imperative In Order To live Your Life Purpose   Many Christians haven’t found that special place in their hearts that allows God to accomplish His will through their lives. He has a special purpose for each of us, but unless we listen and obey his Word and guidance, we’ll never live our […]

Live The Beatitudes For Good Health and Healing

Look To The Beatitudes For Good health and Healing Living our life purpose can be seriously hampered by physical sickness or diseases. Without our health we’re limited in everything that we do. Looking deeper, physical health can be dramatically influenced by our spiritual health. By not following God’s Word, we cause ourselves many situations that […]

Praying For Others

Praying For Others Guide Created By Kenneth E. Hagin From The Rhema Church In Oklahoma. It’s Still Used Today! Many Christians have a difficult time praying for others. If you need help a good example that I’ve found is the “the prayer” on the Rhema church prayer request form created by Kenneth Hagin in 1964 […]

Biblical Meditation

Biblical Meditation For Scriptural Healing “The Biblical Path To Wellness” By Kaysha Sahai   I’m thankful to share a very unique book I believe will be helpful to many as well as the readers of this site. This is why I wanted to share it here where many come to learn more about scriptural healing. […]

The Seasons Of Change In Your Life

How To Be Successful In The Seasons Of Change In Your Life For The Rest Of Your Life Through Jesus Christ There is a way to have victory through all the seasons of your life! There is a way to live through all the seasons of change in your life with joy and peace. While […]

Christian Success

LEARN HOW TO FOCUS UPON YOUR LIFE PURPOSE FOR CHRISTIAN SUCCESS   When we are born again, we become residents of the Kingdom of God. Where is the Kingdom? It’s within every believer, but unless one knows how to tap into the blessings it holds, we seemingly remain on the outside looking in without a […]

Life Purpose Blessings

How To Receive Your Life Purpose Blessings God’s Way For Great Success, Fulfillment and Joy   Many Christians are pushing and working hard to shine. They want to be noticed and recognized and they work hard to make this happen, not realizing that hard work to promote self and is only self-defeating when it comes […]

What Does Equally Yoked Mean According To Scripture?

Are You Equally Yoked In Life and Love With Christ? Make The Best Alliances In Christ For Christian Success.   How To Stand Strong In Faith To Live God’s Word and Will For Your Life All Christians have been given a specific like purpose. Are you living yours? If not, know you know that you […]

The Clouds Of Heaven Blog

The Clouds Of Heaven Blog For Christian Growth and Living I want to share a special blog, “The Clouds Of Heaven.” It’s a great site that shares God’s Word in a way that will get it quickly into your heart for greater faith.  It’s a unique site and the author, Francis Andrews, is a unique […]


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