Why You Have Victory

Victory studies and lessons.

Learn The Scriptural Reasons Why You Have Victory Through Christ Today and Always!   As long as you’re a Christian, you have victory through Christ.  If you’re not a Christian you don’t believe in Jesus, therefore you won’t have the faith to experience supernatural victory.  It’s not because Jesus doesn’t love you, it’s because you […]

Child Abuse Scars

Bind and Loose In Jesus' Name.

Healing Child Abuse Scars Through Active Faith, Forgiveness and Forward Thinking Whatever method you choose for recovery of childhood abuse or any form of abuse, you can’t let your past abusers or those who don’t understand you make you angry, bitter or depressed. Negative emotions will escalate over the years to deeper negative feelings that […]

Forget The Past

Abuse Recovery Services

HOW TO FORGET THE PAST FROM CHILDHOOD ABUSE OR DOMESTIC VIOLENCE     Return To:  Christian Healing Living free of past abuse begins with a focus to forget the past. Making a conscious effort to do this will keep you in the present with the joy of looking forward to a fulfilling future. It will enable […]

Bible Prayer Study Course

Bible Prayer Study Course

Bible Prayer Study Course by Kenneth E. Hagin It’s Time To Pray and Receive!   About The Author… Rev. Kenneth Hagin died in 2oo3, but his legacy carries on through his family.  He was a gentle man who was great in faith and his obedience to God and the Word.  He was known as the […]

Take The Initiative With God

Take The Initiative With God.

Take The Initiative With God To Become Strong In Christ     Walking With God It’s not by chance or accident that we are able to communicate with God. Many people are waiting to hear God’s Voice, to receive a dream or have a vision. However, the Word tells us how we can communicate with […]

The Serpent Beguiled Eve Video

The Serpent Beguiled Eve Video

The Serpent Beguiled Eve Video Shares The Highlights Of The Book Acacia Slaton’s book, “The Serpent Beguiled Eve” is now available and is getting radio, television and Internet attention. Because I find Acacia’s book important to the Christian community as well as a book for the times, I wanted to create a video to share […]

Get To Know The Heart Of God

Get To Know The Heart Of God To Establish A Working Relationship With Him The Heart Of God Is Filled With Love, Compassion and Healing Return To Christian Healing Studies Many people see God as the puppeteer who pulls the strings to our lives without care of compassion. Yet this image couldn’t be farther from the […]

Featured Author Acacia Slaton

Acacia Slaton

[wr_row][wr_column span=”span12″][wr_text #_EDITTED ] About Christian Author Acacia Slaton, Our Featured Author As an author of a Christian site that deals with scriptural healing for good health and well-being in order to serve God, I am very thankful for Christian author, Acacia Slaton who has written a new book about a very difficult subject that […]

God Meets Every Need!

God Meets Every Need We Have Through Kingdom Living In Christ! As Christians, we are safe, protected and always taken care of by our Heavenly Father through Kingdom Living. Matthew 6:25-34 describes how He is always there for us with everyhing we need, including healing! There is no need to worry or suffer. God will […]

There Is Victory In Healing

Healing and Restoration Affirmation

The Victory In Healing Should Cause Us To Celebrate and Lift Our Hands In Praise! God’s loving heart is always ready to unlock the door to your receiving whatever you need and that includes healing. Yet so many Christians are unable to receive this blessing because they are told in their churches that God doesn’t […]

What Is The Biblical Truth About Spiritual Gifts and Life Purpose

About Spiritual Gifts and Life Purpose and How They Biblically Differ. I just read online where someone was asking for help to learn about spiritual gifts, and how they could attain theirs. I took it to mean the purpose of their life. I was saddened to read the answer someone gave them from a Christian […]

Holy Spirit Bible Study

 About My New Holy Spirit Bible Study I’ve completed the Holy Spirit Bible Study titled The Triune Nature Of God.  It works hand in hand with my most popular study, Doing Business God’s Way Bible Study.   This is why I’ve included it free for a limited time with DBGW. This study can also be purchased […]

Victory Studies Announcement

Victory Studies Announcement Of Our New Bible Studies and Podcast Site Coming soon!  My podcast studies are in motion and being prepared for broadcasting.  I have created a site that lists all of my studies from video, podcast and e-studies.  All studies can be easily found.  The site lists every study according to it’s learning […]

The Serpent Beguiled Eve Video Review

Please Watch The Serpent Beguiled Eve Video Review That I’ve Just Completed To Share On My Sites! I’ve recently read a book of great substance that I believe will be helpful to many Christians.  It’s titled, “The Serpent Beguiled Eve” and it was written by Christian author, Acacia Slaton.  She’s a wonderful Christian author who […]

Evangelism Blog or Website?

To Help Spread The Gospel Online This Helpful Video Describes What A Blog Is To Help You Decide If You Prefer An Evangelism Blog Or Website. Learn Just What A Blog Is If You’re Not Sure! Why an Evangelism blog or website? I tell Christians that if they’re not sure about what their life purpose […]


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