Faith Warrior

The Foundation Of Our Faith Warrior Courses Is Ready For Pre-Ordering With a Special Discount! GET READY TO TAKE THE 7-DAY SPIRITUAL GROWTH CHALLENGE! My new 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge course is exciting and fun. You’ll be set on the right path with God as a spiritual giant in only one week! But if you’re […]

How To Become Transformed In Christ Jesus

Become Transformed According To Romans 12:12! Christian Transformation Is Not An Option!  All Christians Need To Follow 3 Important Steps That Will Ignite Christian Growth! Announcing my new Bible study, Paint The Life Of Salvation, that is absolutely life-changing for new Christians and Christians new to the Word.  It’s a short study that can be […]

Can We Think God’s Thoughts?

Follow God’s Thoughts Look To God’s Thoughts and Way For Living Successfully In Christ         God’s Thoughts Scripture Isaiah 55:8-9 (ASV) 8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith Jehovah. 9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and […]

Are Sinful Thoughts The Same As Sinning?

Are Sinful Thoughts The Same As Acting Out Sin? Sinful thoughts or Inappropriate thoughts can lead to many problems and lead us away from God and into a lifestyle of depression, oppression or obsession.  If Christians would “kill” wrong thinking with God’s Word they could avoid going down the wrong path.  It’s just like spraying […]

Christian Business Success

Why Christian Business Success Is Important To Your Health Become A Success In Business God’s Way and You’ll Be A Success In Life!   1 Corinthians 6:12 – All things are lawful unto me, but all things are not expedient: all things are lawful for me, but I will not be brought under the power […]

7-Day Christian Challenge

The 7-Day Christian Challenge Course Is Coming Soon!  Based Upon The Path To Victorious Christian Living! About The 7-Day Christian Challenge Course If you haven’t been taught about the power you have through Jesus Christ and In Him because of His redemptive work on the cross, you need this course.  As Christians we’re all responsible […]

The Word Is God

The Word Is God And The Word Became Flesh! This week I want to share the message that we are blessed because the Word of God became flesh.  That flesh is God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and in Him we can do all things.  This is the beginning of my greater message of how believers can […]

Receive Healing Now!

Are You Sick? You Can Receive Healing Now By The Authority of Jesus Christ In His Name! As for me and my family, we’ve been healed over the years from childhood illnesses to cancer to debilitating back-pain issues. Now that my husband and I are older, we’ve learned to overcome what tries to come against […]

Big Faith Attitude

Develop A Big Faith Attitude You need a BIG FAITH ATTITUDE for times When You Have No Time!   We All Need A Big Faith Attitude! I’ve been teaching on the subject of the Key of the Cross principle since 2007 to help Christians achieve a “Big Faith Attitude.”  I thought I would share a […]

Spiritual Refreshment

Discover The Key To Spiritual Refreshment! Video Devotional By Bayless Conley Attain Spiritual Refreshing:  Bayless shares how important it is to meditate, read, and get alone with God. As we follow Jesus’ example of withdrawing and refreshing in quietness, we find spiritual renewal and strength to face every day! It’s easy to quote scripture and […]

Attaining The Peace Of God

Peace Is A Must For Divine Health and Healing For years I’ve written on the subject of having peace and joy and that the Bible says they belong to us.  I’ve also written about having faith for scriptural health and healing.  Only recently did it occur to me that although I’ve been accurate on the […]

Achieve Victory In Christ!

Are You Ready To Achieve Victory In Christ! It’s Not As Difficult As You Might Think To Have Victory In Christ We’d like you to experience answered prayer for whatever you need.  Are you sick?  Do you need a deeper relationship with God? What do you need today from God?  He’s ready to give it […]

An Effective Christian Money Growth Confession That Builds Faith

Money Growth Confession For Christian Good Stewardship Use This Money Growth Confession Given By Pastor Kenneth Hagin Sr.   Return To Christian Money Growth Studies I have followed the teachings of Kenneth Hagin Sr. (now diseased) since the late 70’s. He was an answer to my prayer that God would lead me to the truth […]

How To Avoid Illness From Money Problems or Debt

Illness From Money Can Happen When We Spend Beyond Our Financial Ability   Return To Christian Money Growth Studies Illness from money need not be an issue in a Christian’s life, but many times it is.  Sometimes people become ill because of stress.  One of the greatest reasons for daily stress that can actually cause […]

A Story About Angels

 A New Story About Angels For Teenagers To Adults A Corporation Of Angels By James H. Barrett Jr.   I don’t usually share novels on this site, but I’ve just completed reading a fun Christian mystery that tells a story about the fight between evil in a unique way.  I love mysteries, but I don’t […]


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