How To Avoid Deception

6 Steps To Avoid Deception By Using Scripture   The information in this discussion is based upon the God’s Thoughts Bible Study. This study takes Christian thinking to God’s level […]

Answers For New Christians

What New Christians Need To Know New Christians need to be directed on the right path with God as soon as they receive their salvation.  Many feel lost once they’re […]

Should Christian Dating Include Sex?

About Christian Dating and Sex It’s natural for men and women to desire having a mutual, loving relationship with someone who is compatible and who also desires to return their […]

How Do I Live My Life Purpose?

The 5 Steps To Begin Living Your Life Purpose   Based Upon Scripture One of the most asked questions by Christians is how can they discover God’s will for their […]

Is It Possible To Experience Lasting Christian Growth In 7 Days?

Is It Possible To Actually Experience Lasting Christian Growth In 7 Days?       NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD AT THE CENTER OF OUR LIVES! Luke 1:37 English Standard Version […]

Establish Me Christian Reference Guide

Establish Me Christian Reference Guide By Rev. James Nyemah I’ve just reviewed one of the best Christian reference guide books on how to live a Godly life that I’ve ever […]

What Are The 6 Powerful Words To Christian Empowerment?

6 Powerful Words To Become Empowered In Christ Jesus We all desire to receive our blessings and favor with God, but many Christians aren’t experiencing the empowerment to express God’s […]

Can America and Christians Come Together Again?

America and Christians   America and Christians AMERICA WILL BE GREAT AGAIN! Once again, America and Christians are linked and ready to make America great again as a country of […]

How To Remain In Christ During The Holidays

How To Help Your Family Remain In Christ During The Holidays I wanted to remind you to remain in Christ during the holidays.    They can keep us so busy […]

What Does Liberating The Terminal Generation Reveal?

Liberating The Terminal Generation By Ray Cleghorn Christianity Begins With Salvation But For Many Christians That Where It Ends! Liberating The Terminal Generation by Ray Clehorn was published July 15, […]

Jesus Therapy by Tom McQueen

I Highly Recommend Jesus Therapy by Tom McQueen I recommend Jesus Therapy by Tom McQueen to all Christians because it’s a book that serves many purposes.  I found it to […]

Faith Warrior

The Foundation Of Our Faith Warrior Courses Is Ready For Pre-Ordering With a Special Discount! GET READY TO TAKE THE 7-DAY SPIRITUAL GROWTH CHALLENGE! My new 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge […]

How To Become Transformed In Christ Jesus

Become Transformed According To Romans 12:12! Christian Transformation Is Not An Option!  All Christians Need To Follow 3 Important Steps That Will Ignite Christian Growth! Announcing my new Bible study, […]

Can We Think God’s Thoughts?

Follow God’s Thoughts Look To God’s Thoughts and Way For Living Successfully In Christ         God’s Thoughts Scripture Isaiah 55:8-9 (ASV) 8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither […]

Are Sinful Thoughts The Same As Sinning?

Are Sinful Thoughts The Same As Acting Out Sin? Sinful thoughts or Inappropriate thoughts can lead to many problems and lead us away from God and into a lifestyle of […]

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