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Your Financial Breakthrough

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Are You Praying For Your Financial Breakthrough But Nothing Is Happening?

It may seem as if you've been waiting a lifetime while you go from pay check to pay check, but that's not how our Heavenly Father wants you to live.  That is why He has given us His "handbook for living," The Bible, which includes financial principles that will open the door to God's greatest blessings, including financial. 

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You Can Break Out Of Your Misery In Jesus Christ! 


  • Through Kingdom Living God has made the condition of life for His children joyful, peaceful and filled with blessings.  Matthew 6:25-34 describes life as it should be for Christians.  We see a life where God is taking care of all our needs and wants, a life without the constant worry and stress of what the future might bring, but most Christians aren't living that life.  Are you?  If not, please keep reading!

You should be living that life today!...

There is nothing holding you back except for your lack of knowledge or instruction for attaining God's best.  The only thing standing between God's blessings and you is the guidance to help you find your way out of your financial difficulties by taking control of your life and money through Jesus Christ. It took me years to figure out God's financial principles, but you don't have to wait that long!

    I spent many years with financial ups and downs.  While I had studied the Word concerning my finances, I seemed to be "missing the boat" so to speak when it came to a continuous flow of financial growth.  So I began another study! 

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Once I began to do an in-depth study of God's financial principles, I found that some of the information I had learned over twenty-five years previous to that time had been incomplete. To learn that information, I had to go through many Christian books on the subject of Christian financial growth based upon the Word.  I listened to Christian prosperity messages, but they were based upon greed rather than centering upon the Gospel of Jesus Christ first.  

   I had grown up within a greedy environment and I didn't want to perpetuate the attitude within my household of being so desperate for money that we would do anything to get it, including stealing or hurting others.  In the long run, we all have to answer to God for what we do in His Name, so I needed to feel right with God - ALWAYS!

   It pays to never give up with God and move in His direction because He led me to a ministry class that changed my life and my husband's life forever by teaching us about money growth God's way and more important, Christian growth.  It brought us closer to God and each other as we learned how to begin trusting Him to rebuild our financial growth.  

   We developed more peace and joy, especially as we learned how to trust that God will bless us financially, even during unstable financial economies.  God is larger than anything that can come against us and we learned how to operate within that belief for whatever we needed, including money.  This time we had learned how to center upon God in a way that would keep our blessings flowing and growing.  From that point, we have never had to worry about what the future might bring!

    In 2007,  I wrote the Christian Money Growth Bible Studies Series so that others could learn what took us many years to study, understand and implement into our lives and it's been helping Christians all around the world get a "fresh start with God" over their finances and, more important, their lives.   


Christian Money Growth

The study is a compilation of Biblical principles for financial growth that all work together to cause God's financial blessings to flow within the lives of God's people. The clear teaching included will help you take the blessings found in Matthew 6:25-34 to receive your financial blessings in a spiritual as well as a practical means.  

   Christians haven't been taught what their blessings are, let alone that they can have them, so they wonder if God really does bless His people today and if they're good enough or entitled to receive them.  This study covers why you are entitled to God's blessings, life fulfillment and much more.  Plus it implements the key of the cross which is the one principle that was missing in my understanding of God's financial plan.


  • The most exciting part of this study is that it will draw you closer to God as you begin to apply each Biblical principle to your life.  This is especially true when you learn the one element that my husband and I needed to know when we watched our money flow decline. We were also amazed at how quickly God works in our lives when we trust Him with Biblical faith.

The Secret Key Of The Cross

I'm Going To Include This Short eBook For FREE!

What is the "Key to the Cross?

First let me explain that it's referring to the cross of Jesus Christ and the power we have because of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the cross. 

    It is the power we have in Jesus to loose and to bind.  I began to use this spiritual law over every area of my life and realized a successful outcome to whatever I applied it to using Biblical faith.  I used it to make the changes in my heart and my life that I felt would make me more God-centered, then I began to use it on our monthly financial circumstances.  

   Now our money increases on a regular basis, but we don't look to our monthly needs any longer, we are always supplied with more than what we need and our increase continues

    What I learned to do was combine the financial principles I had learned years before with this vital principle which can be applied to anything we need from God.  It was the lack of this information that had caused our financial decline even though we were giving to God our tithes and offerings.  

    To put it in clear terms, the Key of the Cross unlocks the door to the Kingdom of God!  And it's a Biblical fact that every Christian can do this.  Not only that, every Christian is good enough to enter into God's Kingdom to receive all of their blessings.  If you're a Christian, this includes you too!  You can enter into the Kingdom of God to obtain your financial breakthrough! 

    What makes you good enough?  The redemptive work of Jesus Christ.  Because of what He did for all mankind, He took everything bad that can come against us, and that includes having a lack of what we need.  We are able to receive from God because of what Jesus did, not because of who we are.  We will never be good enough, but we have forgiveness through Jesus. This is why I wrote this short book and included it in my Christian Money Growth Study Series to insure your financial breakthrough in Jesus.   

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    Matthew 16:19 explains more about loosing and binding or opening and shutting:   

Matthew 16:19 (KJV) 19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

   The complete study, which I created in a way that will change your circumstances from the first lesson beginning with Part I - "Christian Money Growth," will work in your life everyday, not just once in a while.  It was important to me that I secure my financial future to become a great blessing to God while at the same time I experience a greater relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.  This is what has happened to my life and to those who I have helped with the information from this study. It will help you too!  

Jesus explained:

Luke 9:23  And He said to them all, "if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me."     

     The cross of Jesus Christ is the "Key of the Cross."  Within the work of Jesus Christ we have the ability to do all things and receive our inheritance in Christ.  When Jesus said in Luke 9:23 for us to deny ourselves and take up His cross daily, He was telling us to deny our trying to receive from God by what we do and instead, look only to Him and what He did on the cross for us.  

     When we try to do what only the work of the cross of Jesus Christ can do to receive from God rather than having faith in Him, we are just spinning our wheels.  This is what I was doing when it came to trusting God for our money and increase.  But once I learned this principle and combined it with God's financial principles we felt free to rest in Christ while we trusted God.  

     If you're in need of a better life that includes God's peace, joy and the knowledge that God is always taking care of you, this study puts together everything you need to know, giving Biblical examples that will lead you to the financial victory you need.  You will be empowered to attain your goals and get out of debt if this is what you need.  You will never have to walk in circles again, wondering what you're going to do.  You'll know that you can always look to Jesus and you'll know exactly how to do it in order for Him to "open" the door for what you want and "shut it" on what you don't want.   

     Without understanding of this principle our focus is misdirected when we ask God for money or we use our faith for increase. Even when God brings opportunity we're unable to take it because we have no understanding of how this principle works.  I am going to show you how to use it to find your most fulfilled life!  More exciting, as you follow "Discover Your Divine Destiny", Part I of the study, you will learn that God desires to reveal a great plan just for you. It's through this plan that you will receive your greatest fulfillment and your greatest financial potential.

   I have designed this studies in a way that as you seek after your financial breakthrough you will learn your God-given destiny!  You'll stop carrying around the weight of the world on your shoulders and stop thinking that you don't have choices in life or that you can never be successful.  Your path will be directed toward Christ as you learn to follow Him with ALL of your might!  You will never again be separated from the source of your strength and your ability to do all things through Jesus and win!     

   I was able to correct the mistakes I was making about receiving money and how to regard money God's way for a continued financial breakthrough.  With my study, you can do the same! 

There Is More To Financial Prosperity Than Christians Realize 

I don't want you to take as long as it took me to learn how to receive continued financial growth and also debt reduction.  You may have a surmounting debt that looks as if you will never get it under control, but you can with God's help and your desire to be set free by using the information in this study which can be utilized from the first lesson as I have mentioned.      

     Jesus talked to the church in Philadelphia about the Key:

 Revelation 3:7 "And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth;"  


    Remember!  Once you combine God's financial principles for kingdom living found in the Bible with loosing and binding you have the power to ask for anything we've been given in the Bible of our Heavenly Father and He will do it for you or give it to you in Jesus' name. We can operate in God's power through Jesus Christ not just for money and those things that we want and need, but more important for our service to God and to thank Him daily!

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   Once you use the Biblical and practical knowledge I provide for you, you will begin to move forward with God where He desires you to be.  I have organized all the information you need to realize financial growth God's way.  I have also included as FREE BONUSES the practical information my husband and I used to grow our money when we needed to begin again with our money after having lost a great deal of our income.  

   The Christian Money Growth Study includes all the information you need to grow financially while you grow closer to God at the same time!  Not only that, you will learn how to discover and develop the special plan God has for you alone.  It is through this purpose that you will develop a close relationship with God.  

    You will come to understand the spiritual side of money as well as the practical side. Once you learn how to grow your money God's way, you will be empowered to keep it and make it continually grow, first for the sake of the Gospel.  You're going to learn to "love your life" rather than looking at others and wanting what they have.  And, I'll show you that it's never too late with God.  You're going to learn that God will work with you right now, no matter what your age, what you've done or what kind of financial problems you are experiencing!  Nothing is too difficult for God!  

  • And, your past doesn't matter with God because you will learn that you are forgiven. I will show you how to remain in a state of forgiveness with God.   

With The "Christian Money Growth Study" You Will Learn How To Understand The Biblical Principles For Your Financial Breakthrough And Learn How To Loose and Bind.

I've told Christians for years that God works on our behalf in good or bad financial times.  It's our choice whether we prosper financially and in life by taking a stand with God against the difficulties of life.  My Christian Money Growth Study will teach you how to do this in great faith and confidence.  Here are the highlights:

Highlights Of The Christian Money Growth Package

Create A New Legacy For Your Children No Matter What Their Age

Even when it seems too late, God will come through for you...

Financial Recovery

This Study Will Guide You Into Your Financial Breakthrough 


Although my earliest money growth studies had helped me use God's Word to grow our family money, my children didn't get the benefit of learning about the key of the cross.  

But I thank God that He presented opportunities for me to teach them the importance of the "Key of the Cross" as adults.  See my story below about how this spiritual key worked in my adult son's life. 

My son had lost his job and was almost out of money--until God intervened.  

My son left his home to move to another state with the last of his money in 2011 to find a job  because he had lost the manager position he had held for almost 10 years due to downsizing. As the father of two sons, he needed employment during a time when it was difficult to get a job. However, as we applied God's financial principles with the principle of the key of the cross he was able to get employment in time before his money ran out. God is so good! He always makes sure that all of our needs are met, no matter how impossible it may seem. Sometimes we have to hold out to the last minute in faith, but God always comes through! As you build your faith, you will have that confidence.

    I'm always thanking and praising God for how he works in my life and my family's lives! Because of God's sacrifice of His Son, we are able to rise above every circumstance that comes against us in Jesus' Name to receive kingdom living.       


I have made it easy for you to take God's lead.  My Christian Money Growth package includes all of the ebooks you see below.  You will receive my two popular studies, "Christian Money Growth" and "Discover Your Divine Destiny" along with my audio, "Know Who You Are Without Money."

   See below for your free e-book bonuses that will help you with the practical side of increasing your money God's way to achieve your financial breakthrough. We have a part to play in our financial repair too. In fact as we do our part, we will accelerate our opportunities for financial growth because we will be practicing "good stewardship" which is a part of God's plan for spiritual growth and kingdom living.  PLUS you will also receive FREE my "Faith and Prayer Notebook" that will help you organize and better learn the studies.   


There has never been a better time than now to realize your financial breakthrough.  It's going to open the door to God's best for every area of your life. It's time to learn how to think God's way for what you want with the right motives and with the Key of the Cross that's going to open the door to Kingdom living!

  • If you're ready for your financial breakthrough, you can begin with God right now.

God Will Turn Your Financial Problems Into 

Positive Situations As You Trust In Him!

Special Christian Money Growth Offer

Learn About The Total Study


Discover Your Divine Purpose

Discover Your Divine Purpose - To Enjoy Kingdom Living Fulfillment

From the first lesson you'll begin your walk with God and get in line with His plans and purpose for your life. No dramatic changes are necessary to begin with God! He prefers to move slowly.

Faith and Prayer

The Faith and Prayer Workbook Is Designed For Faster Results 

Learn how to better organize your goals and achieve them in order to Develop The Kingdom Within You! It will help your faith go from average to "mountain moving" as mentioned in Mark 11:23.  I used this method to help my own faith grow.

Money Growth Audio Lesson

"Know Who You Are Without Money" For Inner Success

My MP3 audio will show you the importance of knowing who you are without your money to bring you a greater understanding of how God sees you and who you really are in Christ.

Walk With God and Let Him Guide
 You To Where You Need To Go!

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Your Free e-Book Bonuses To Help With Your Financial Breakthrough

Discover The Secret Key Of The Cross

Discover The Secret Key Of The Cross
By Margaret Lukasik

The essential guide that will teach you how to unconditionally trust God while you rest in Christ to bind what you don't want in your life or loose what you want.  This information will change every part of your life to bless you and make you a blessing!

Improve Your Credit Score

101 Powerful Tips For Legally Improving Your Credit Score Presented by Margaret Lukasik

Every time you apply for credit, a loan or even an apartment, your credit score is checked. Learn how to improve your credit score to improve your life.  Today, even when you apply for employment, your credit may be checked.  It's important to improve your credit score as you fix your money situation.

Financial Freedom

Financial Freedom Course
By Margaret Lukasik

This fun and exciting short course will help you take control of your money and get out of debt. It gives the practical side of money growth to help you achieve money growth for your financial breakthrough. It takes "Biblical Wisdom Plus Practical Knowledge" to get out of debt. 

Midas Touch Bible Study

The Midas Touch Bible Study
by Margaret Lukasik

This study gives clarity and balance about the prosperity message based upon scripture which is not the same as many of the televangelists living rediculously lavish lifestyles. You are going to learn the truth about why Christians should prosper God's way in order to avoid greed! 


Isaiah 55:9 "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are
My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts."  

The Christian Money Growth Study Series

by Margaret Lukasik, Christian Author and Book Promotions


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