Let God's Financial 

Principles Work 

In your Life!

Live In Joy and Peace Through Kingdom Living! 

Matthew: 6:25-34  

Create A New Legacy For Your Children!

Take Your Key 

To The Cross

Your Financial Breakthrough

Is Here Today Through Kingdom Living

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Are You Waiting For Your Financial Breakthrough?

It may seem as if you've been waiting a lifetime while you go from pay check to pay check, but that's not how our Heavenly Father wants you to live.  That's why He has given you His  "handbook for living," The Bible, and the "Key Of The Cross" that opens the door to God's greatest blessings, including financial.   


  • Through Kingdom Living God has made the condition of life for His children joyful, peaceful and filled with blessings.  Matthew 6:25-34 describes life as it should be for Christians.  We see a life where God is taking care of all our needs and wants, a life without worry and stress of what the future might bring, but most Christians aren't living that life.  

the key to the crossYou should be living that life today!...

There is nothing holding you back except for your lack of knowledge or instruction for attaining God's best.  All you need is some guidance to help you find your way out of your financial difficulties by taking control of your life through Jesus Christ. It took me years to figure out God's financial principles, but you don't have to wait that long!

    I spent many years with financial ups and downs.  While I had studied the Word concerning my finances, I seemed to be missing "the boat" so to speak when it came to a complete flow of financial growth no matter what changes my life went through or the condition of my country's current economy. God is the same yesterday, today and forever, so I realized that something was off in my understanding about receiving money God's way. 

    Finally I got serious about money because I wanted to be a financial blessing for God.  I was giving tithes and offerings, but they weren't making a difference in my financial growth.  So I began a specific study of the scriptures that included financial growth principles and money wisdom for giving, receiving, and spending.  


ALTHOUGH I HAD ALREADY STUDIED THE PRINCIPLES OF FINANCIAL GROWTH FROM THE BIBLE, some of the information I had learned was either incomplete or it was incorrect.  I had also read many Christian books on the subject, listened to Christian prosperity messages and had taken home study courses, but nothing changed in my life until I discovered the "Key To The Cross" when I was studying to receive my Bachelor Degree in Christian Studies.  

the key to the crossWhat is the "Key to the Cross?

The Key to the Cross is going to bring your financial breakthrough.  I'ts not a physical key like the one at left, but it's a spiritual key that will unlock the treasure of all God's blessings.  Jesus died on the cross so that you could possess it and use it for the rest of your life.  Without it, you will only be wandering around in circles, believing that what you want from God cannot be attained.

     To put it in clear terms, the Key of the Cross unlocks the door to the Kingdom of God!  And it's a Biblical fact that every Christian gets a key.  This means that you possess this same key.  I possessed this key for years without knowing it because I was saved when I was nine years old.  It doesn't do anyone any good to possess something that will bring them success and financial prosperity if they don't know they have it.

     "But what is the key really?" you may be wondering.  This is what I wanted to know so that I could begin using it to experience Kingdom Living everyday, not just once in a while.  I wanted to secure my financial future to become a great blessing to God while at the same time experience a greater relationship with Him through Jesus Christ.

Jesus explained:

Luke 9:23  And He said to them all, "if any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me."     

     The cross of Jesus Christ is the "Key of the Cross."  Within the work of Jesus Christ we have the ability to do all things and receive our inheritance in Christ.  When Jesus said in Luke 9:23 for us to deny ourselves and take up His cross daily, He was telling us to deny our trying to receive from God by what we do and instead, look only to Him and what He did on the cross for us.  

     When we try to do what only the work of the cross of Jesus Christ can do to receive from God rather than having faith in Him, we are just spinning our wheels.  It's like being stuck on a treadmill and never getting off.  As long as we keep trying to suppress our behavior or work at trying to be good enough to receive financial growth or debt relief from God, we will be walking in circles, never realizing our financial goals.  

     If this is your problem, you need to learn how to "rest in Christ" and let what Jesus has already done work on your behalf.  He is the one who died on the cross for your sins and He is the one who has made you an heir to the Kingdom of God.  

     Without the Key of the Cross our focus is misdirected when we ask God for money or we use our faith for increase. Even when God brings opportunity we're unable to take it because we have no understanding of how this principle works.  Learning about this special key and how to use it will give you the ability to stop carrying around the weight of the world on your shoulders and stop thinking that you don't have a choice in life to be successful.   

    This amazing key will direct your path toward Christ and help you to follow Him with ALL of your might!  Otherwise you'll find yourself in the same place, separated from the source of your strength and your ability to do all things through Him.  This will cause you to work hard, rather than rest, or "rest in Christ" so that you can receive from God without doubt or worry that you may not receive because of the mistakes you have made.  Doubt and fear are two of the largest reasons Christians don't receive from God, especially when they need or desire more money.   

    The Key of the Cross will also lead you to your true identity.  It's when you discover who you really are that God's power will overtake your life and open the door to what you need and want. It's really that simple, but when you don't know how or where to begin, it can be difficult to make the changes needed and understand how to apply the principles to your situation.  This is why I documented what I did so that I can help other Christians like myself who don't have anywhere to turn for the truth about financial growth based upon the scriptures.    

    Once I learned how to stop looking to myself as the reason for receiving from God and I learned how to regard money from God's point of view the light went off in my head.  I was able to correct the mistakes I was making about receiving money and how to regard money God's way for a continued financial breakthrough.  With the Key of the Cross I was able to see where and how to put my faith for continued growth.  But that's not all I  learned. 

There Is More To Financial Prosperity Than Christians Realize 

I don't want you to take as long as it took me to learn how to receive continued financial growth and also debt reduction.  You may have a surmounting debt that looks as if you will never get it under control, but in time you can with God's help and your desire to be set free by using this amazing principle that is linked with the key of the cross.    

     Jesus talked to the church in Philadelphia about the Key :

 Revelation 3:7 "And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth; and shutteth, and no man openeth;"  

    What did he "openeth" and what did he "shutteth?" He shut one thing and opened another thing. That's what we need to focus on because in that work where he opened and shut; that's where you bind and loose. Bind and loose, in the Greek, means the same thing as open and shut. If you want to bind somebody, you shut them in a prison. You want to loose them, open the prison door. Open and Shut.

    Through Jesus' work on the cross we have the power to bind and loose.  We have the power to ask anything of our Heavenly Father and He will do it for us in Jesus' name. We can operate in God's power through Jesus Christ not just for money and those things that we want and need, but more important for our service to God.  

    Matthew 16:19 explains more about loosing and binding or opening and shutting:   

Matthew 16:19 (KJV) 19 And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

    We have been given the ability through Jesus Christ to loose what we need and bind the negative circumstances that come against us.  Isn't that exciting!

    You should be living that life today. There's nothing holding you back except for your lack of knowledge or instructions for attaining God's best. That's what I hope to do for you.  Give you the Biblical and practical knowledge you need to go from where you are today to where God desires you to be.  I have organized all the information you need to realize financial growth God's way in a special study package I call "God's Wealth Plan." 

   Christian Money Growth inlcudes all the information you need to grow financially while you grow closer to God.  Not only that, you will learn how to discover and develop the special plan God has for you alone.  It is through this purpose that you will realize your greatest financial blessings.  

    Christian Money Growth will teach you the spiritual side of money as well as the practical side. Once you learn how to grow your money, you're going to learn how to keep it and make it continually grow, first for the sake of the Gospel.  You're going to learn to "love your life" rather than looking at others and wanting what they have.  And, I'll show you that it's never too late with God.  You're going to learn that God will work with you right now, no matter what your age, what you've done and where you've been.  Your past doesn't matter with God because of the Key of the Cross.   


I've told Christians for years that God works on our behalf in good or bad financial times.  It's our choice whether we prosper financially and in life by taking a stand with God against the difficulties of life.  God's Wealth Plan will teach you how to do this in great faith and confidence.

Create A New Legacy For Your Children No Matter What Their Age

Even when it seems too late, God will come through for you...

Financial Recovery

Let God's Wealth Plan Bring You The Financial Breakthrough You Need!


Although my studies had helped me use God's Word to grow our family money, my children didn't get the benefit of learning about the key of the cross as children.  

But I thank God that He presented opportunities for me to teach them the importance of the "Key of the Cross" as adults.  See my story below about how this spiritual key worked in my adult son's life. 

My son had lost his job and was almost out of money--until God intervened.  

My son left California for Arizona with the last of his money in 2011 to find a job because he had lost the manager position he had held for almost 10 years due to downsizing here in California. By 2012 he still didn't have a job.  We had let him live with us for free to extend his money, but now he was on his own. He was down to the last two weeks of his money when he Skyped me for prayer.  I had been teaching him about the key of the cross for a number of weeks, but in his desperation his faith was weak.  He hadn't heard back from any of the companies he had applied to in person or online.

    I remember praying with him.  He'd be fine, and then He would have to call back for encouragement, mainly because he has two sons to raise.  I kept talking about the key of the cross in different ways in the hope that his mind wouldn't tune out what I was saying.  Once we had prayed, loosed what he had needed and put our faith together I knew by the work of the cross that my son would be getting a call that would bring his financial breakthrough.  

    I kept telling him that he was going to get a call over and over again and he said it with me.  While we were talking, the phone rang.  He was offered a job with more money than he had asked for during his interview and was told that he would receive his "New Hire Package" by email to look over and return.  

   When he began his job, he not only excelled as the best trainee, but he received a promotion after two months.  He gets regular bonuses and commissions on top of his paycheck so each week he makes more money than the last. This was the financial breakthrough we were praying for!  Just as his money ran out, he got his first paycheck.  And his manager reads scripture for peace and encouragement in the workplace!

    I'm still thanking and praising God.  This didn't happen because of anything we could have done ourselves.  It's because of God's sacrifice of His Son so that we have the power and ability in Jesus' Name to receive Kingdom Living.       


I've made it easy for you to take God's lead.  My God's Wealth Plan package includes my two popular Wealth Plan eBooks, "God's Wealth Plan For Financial Freedom" and God's "Wealth Plan For Destiny Discovery" along with my Wealthy Mind Audio, "Know Who You Are Without Money."  See below for your free bonuses that will help you with the practical side of increasing your money God's way.  PLUS you'll also receive FREE my "Victory Notebook" that will help you organize the information you learn.   


There has never been a better time than now to realize your financial breakthrough.  It's going to open the door to God's best for every area of your life. It's time to learn how to think God's way for what you want with the right motives and with the Key of the Cross that's going to open the door to Kingdom living!  

If you're ready for your financial breakthrough, you can begin with God right now.  

God Will Turn Your Financial Problems Into Positive Situations As You Trust In Him!

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