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Why Complaining Is Dangerous

Complaining Is Dangerous

Why Complaining Is Dangerous!  Avoid It Always!     Jude 6  talks about people who grumble and complain: These are grumblers, complainers, walking according to their own lusts; and they mouth great swelling words, flattering people to gain advantage. The word complainer is from two Greek words joined together.  Their meaning is very revealing about […]

How To Remain In Christ During The Holidays

How To Help Your Family Remain In Christ During The Holidays I wanted to remind you to remain in Christ during the holidays.    They can keep us so busy it seems as if there’s just not enough time to get everything done. It can be easy to get so busy, we don’t spend time […]

7-Day Christian Challenge

The 7-Day Christian Challenge Course Is Coming Soon!  Based Upon The Path To Victorious Christian Living! About The 7-Day Christian Challenge Course If you haven’t been taught about the power you have through Jesus Christ and In Him because of His redemptive work on the cross, you need this course.  As Christians we’re all responsible […]

The Word Is God

The Word Is God And The Word Became Flesh! This week I want to share the message that we are blessed because the Word of God became flesh.  That flesh is God’s Son, Jesus Christ, and in Him we can do all things.  This is the beginning of my greater message of how believers can […]

Spiritual Refreshment

Discover The Key To Spiritual Refreshment! Video Devotional By Bayless Conley Attain Spiritual Refreshing:  Bayless shares how important it is to meditate, read, and get alone with God. As we follow Jesus’ example of withdrawing and refreshing in quietness, we find spiritual renewal and strength to face every day! It’s easy to quote scripture and […]

Attaining The Peace Of God

Peace Is A Must For Divine Health and Healing For years I’ve written on the subject of having peace and joy and that the Bible says they belong to us.  I’ve also written about having faith for scriptural health and healing.  Only recently did it occur to me that although I’ve been accurate on the […]

Healing Prayers

Healing Prayers For Our Loved Ones and Others   We need to pray healing prayers for others who are a part of our lives and also persons who we don’t know well or at all.  Our prayers for others are an important part of our personal ministries. When I say healing, I mean prayers that […]

Holy Spirit Empowerment

 Holy Spirit Empowerment Depends Upon Your Willingness To Accept God’s Will Luke 10:19 (KJV)  19 Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you. If you’re not content with living your Christianity on your terms, then it’s […]

The Cost Of Disobedience To God

Our Disobedience To God Opens The Door To Problems In Our Lives   For Christians, disobedience to God causes much strive from within.  The closer they are to God and the more of the Word they’ve lived, the more pain they feel.  Yet sometimes Christians get stuck in a place that keeps them bound because […]

Seeds Of Faith Video

Seeds Of Faith Video For Christian Empowerment Our lessons include spiritual growth lessons to help Christians know what to do from the moment they receive salvation in Christ. Many people are engaged by Christians to receive salvation, but after they’re save, they feel left alone to figure out how to live a Godly life. A […]

Daily Spiritual Warfare

Daily Spiritual Warfare Is A Part Of The Successful Christian Lifestyle For Living God’s Will Daily Spiritual Warfare is one very important subject that Christians don’t always wish to discuss, but it’s paramount to your daily success in life and as a Christian.  That subject is spiritual warfare and it’s a must to not only […]

Your Inheritance In Christ

Your Inheritance In Christ Is Real, Not Just An Empty Concept   Once you learn how to unlock the door to your inheritance in Christ, you’ll begin walking the straight path with God.  What this means is that you’ll be able to rest in Christ while you trust God for what you want and to […]

Victory Thru Christ News

 Victory Thru Christ News That Will Be In Affect Shortly For Our Subscribers! I’ve made this site easier to use for the Christian information you need and I’ve been adding great features that will be available shortly!  It took some time, but everything is complete.  So if you’re thinking about subscribing to become a part […]

Pray To Get Results

Pray To Get Results Not To Just Hope That God Hears and Will Answer You There are many books and articles about how to achieve answered prayer consistently but for many Christians that same information is pushing them away from God rather than toward Him.  Why?  Because they’re not being taught the principle of resting […]

Are You Worthy Of God For Healing?

What Does It Take To Be Worthy Of God For His Blessings, Specifically Healing Through Jesus Christ? The Bible teaches that all Christians are worthy of God for their blessings which includes healing, good health, spiritual growth, soundness of mind, life purpose, success, financial growth and debt relief and so much more. The following video […]


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