Category: Christian Weight Loss

Spirit Fruit For Inner Growth

What is Spirit Fruit?

What Is Spirit Fruit and How Can It Bring You To Your Perfect Weight?   Most people love fruit and some of us can’t get enough of it, but we also need to feed upon the fruit of the Spirit.  And when it comes to finding our perfect weight, we need to delight, in especially, […]

How To Always Maintain A Jesus Christ Focus

Jesus Christ Focus

How To Establish A Jesus Christ Focus   I’ve heard believers talk about how difficult Christianity is to live, but the real difficulty is living without Jesus.  We need to cultivate and maintain a Jesus Christ focus.        St. John tells us that Jesus Christ is not only the true light that can never […]

Biblical Health Tips

Biblical Health Tips

Biblical Health Tips To Practice That Will Help You Lose Weight Return To:  Christian Healing God promises good health and wellness in the Bible, but every Christian is responsible to do their part.  Because everyone has a free will, every believer must chose to obey the spiritual laws God gives us to be free of  […]


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