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7 Important Faith Steps!

7 Important Faith Steps

STOP!  READ THESE 7 IMPORTANT FAITH STEPS BEFORE YOU SAY ANOTHER PRAYER! Don’t be in a hurry to pray! Use these 7 practical tips to help you get ready to pray by getting your faith organized for success. Even if you know how to pray, you must also approach God’s Word with the attitude to […]

Receive Healing Now!

Are You Sick? You Can Receive Healing Now By The Authority of Jesus Christ In His Name! As for me and my family, we’ve been healed over the years from childhood illnesses to cancer to debilitating back-pain issues. Now that my husband and I are older, we’ve learned to overcome what tries to come against […]

Big Faith Attitude

Develop A Big Faith Attitude You need a BIG FAITH ATTITUDE for times When You Have No Time!   We All Need A Big Faith Attitude! I’ve been teaching on the subject of the Key of the Cross principle since 2007 to help Christians achieve a “Big Faith Attitude.”  I thought I would share a […]

Achieve Victory In Christ!

Are You Ready To Achieve Victory In Christ! It’s Not As Difficult As You Might Think To Have Victory In Christ We’d like you to experience answered prayer for whatever you need.  Are you sick?  Do you need a deeper relationship with God? What do you need today from God?  He’s ready to give it […]

Healing Prayers

Healing Prayers For Our Loved Ones and Others   We need to pray healing prayers for others who are a part of our lives and also persons who we don’t know well or at all.  Our prayers for others are an important part of our personal ministries. When I say healing, I mean prayers that […]

Your Inheritance In Christ

Your Inheritance In Christ Is Real, Not Just An Empty Concept   Once you learn how to unlock the door to your inheritance in Christ, you’ll begin walking the straight path with God.  What this means is that you’ll be able to rest in Christ while you trust God for what you want and to […]

Victory Thru Christ News

 Victory Thru Christ News That Will Be In Affect Shortly For Our Subscribers! I’ve made this site easier to use for the Christian information you need and I’ve been adding great features that will be available shortly!  It took some time, but everything is complete.  So if you’re thinking about subscribing to become a part […]

Pray To Get Results

Pray To Get Results Not To Just Hope That God Hears and Will Answer You There are many books and articles about how to achieve answered prayer consistently but for many Christians that same information is pushing them away from God rather than toward Him.  Why?  Because they’re not being taught the principle of resting […]

Fix Your Eyes On Jesus

  Fix Your Eyes On Jesus Because He will Keep Your Life Moving In The Right Direction   Over time we all learn that our greatest success comes when we keep God at the center of everything we do.  We begin with God wanting to do things our way because that’s all we’ve known.  But […]

Healing From Abuse

Healing From Abuse Can Only Be Complete When We Invite Jesus Into The Process Healing from abuse can be complicated when we look to our own reasoning and even assistance from professionals without involving God in the plan for renewal. On our own, we can work daily to feel better and get over the problems […]

Planting Faith Seeds

Planting Faith Seeds

1Corinthians 3:6-15 Scripture For Planting Faith Seeds Increase your faith by following 1 Corinthians 3:6-15. Planting faith seeds by hearing and speaking scripture allows the Holy Spirit to water it for growth within your spirit as you act upon it. Planting Faith Seeds Scripture: 1Corinthians 3:6-15 (from a letter written by Paul to the church […]

Bible Prayer Study Course

Bible Prayer Study Course

Bible Prayer Study Course by Kenneth E. Hagin It’s Time To Pray and Receive!   About The Author… Rev. Kenneth Hagin died in 2oo3, but his legacy carries on through his family.  He was a gentle man who was great in faith and his obedience to God and the Word.  He was known as the […]


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