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God's Strategic Plan Audio Review

God's Strategic Plan By Robert V. Fullerton

God's Strategic Plan Audio Review

Within God's Strategic Plan, author Robert Fullerton shares God's brilliant strategy of creation and describes the intricate measures He took to establish us as the dominant species on earth.   

As an experienced business professional, Robert takes the reader behind the scenes to examine the objectives, options and tactics of two opposing supernatural beings, God and Satan, as they contend for lives of men and women since the beginning of man's existence. Receive new insight into the strategies adopted by each side in this unseen battle raging in our midst, and drills down to examine the effect that God's Strategic Plan has on our individual lives and destinies.

The God's Strategic Plan Audio Review By Margaret Lukasik

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God's Strategic PlanGod's Strategic Plan

About The Author...

Robert V. Fullerton

Robert V. Fullerton

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Robert began his early professional accounting training in the UK. He is a UK Chartered Certified Accountant (FCCA), a Georgia licensed CPA and holds an MBA from the Heriot Watt University of Scotland. He started his career in public accounting some 30 years ago as an apprentice at a firm of Chartered Accountants and has decades of corporate experience as a CFO and CEO of companies in the Caribbean and the US.

Robert is licensed to practice public accounting in the State of Georgia. He owns and manages RVF CPA Services which provides accounting, taxation and financial management services to small and medium sized businesses in Metro Atlanta.

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