If you're at a place in your Christian walk where you feel defeated, afraid or left behind in life, be ready to change your reality! It's time you take your rightful place in God's Kingdom and receive your inheritance.

Learn To Give Your Burdens To Christ (Matthew 11:29) While You Trust God For Answered Prayer By Faith.

Learn Why You Are The Righteousness Of God!

“My Foundation Study Is Now A Course That Will Create Great Scriptural
Transformation Within Your Heart In Only 7 Days!"

Learn About This Hidden Principle That Most Churches Never Teach!

Hello, my name is Margaret Lukasik and I'm the author of this site and the studies found throughout.  My foundation study, Victorious Christian Living, teaches the ability we have as Christians to make the scriptures come alive in our lives to receive our kingdom blessings. 

It will clearly teach you how to identify with Christ's redemptive work on the cross to receive answered prayer, to receive your kingdom blessings, to understand Godly obedience and to live your most fulfilled life in Christ!  This alone is exciting news, but now you can become empowered to set a standard for successful Christian living in only 7 Days!  And, you'll find each day fun and exciting!

In Only One Week you'll develop the strong foundation of Jesus Christ you need to grow in Him for the rest of your life!  The lessons are easy to read and utilize in your life each day for 7 days or you can take as long as you want if you currently have little time!  There are no restrictions to the time it takes to complete the course but it can come alive in your life and make great changes in only 7 Days!

The course is fun and easy! I know that you'll love it because I used this same strategy for learning this exciting information for myself and for others.  Everyday was filled with excitment as I witnessed the Word come alive in my life.  And it's been exciting to see others experience freedom over their life and problems as well.     

I've created the The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge to insure even greater Christian growth at an accellerated level for continued scriptural wisdom and guidance! This course is the foundation for all your Christian studies! 

Without understanding how to study God’s Word and where you stand with God, you won’t be able to receive your inheritance in Christ to attain healing and all other blessings that belong to you. Be prepared to grow in Christ now and for the rest of your life!

This exciting Christian Growth Challenge will cause God's Word to come alive within your heart for success in life!  God doesn't want His Word hidden. He wants it to spread like wildfire through the hearts of men and women everywhere to bring them together as a new nationality in Christ that sees no color, background or superficial titles. So no matter who you are, where you’re from or what you do in life, the key of the cross principle will work once your receive salvation!

Once You Learn How To Use The Key Of The Cross It Will Open The Door To God’s Blessings In Your Life!

Begin With God Today. Don't Wait Until You Feel Good Enough! You’re Right With God NOW.  Learn Why!

Become Empowered Through
Jesus Christ

Unique Course Study

This unique course study is scripturally based, simple to use and it will teach you how to overcome your problems!

Actions That Cause Growth

Each of the 7-day actions work together to create lasting inward changes that cause futher life-time growth.

Get Practical Teaching

You'll learn Biblical principles and then put them to action for everyday situations with clear and easy to understand instructions. 

 This One-Of-A-Kind Course Will Lead You To The Inheritance Given You Because Of Christ’s Redemptive Work On The Cross.

Attain Your Rest By Loosing Whatever You Need The Word To Do For You
and Using The Word To Bind Whatever Comes Against You.

Matthew 18:18 (NABRE) Amen, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.

Because this is not a typical study for Christian growth, you can expect uncommon inner growth that will cause you to develop a deep relationship with God by building your life upon a foundation of Jesus Christ.

  • Mark 4:20.  But those sown on rich soil are the ones who hear the word and accept it and bear fruit thirty and sixty and a hundredfold.

Jesus describes the 4 types of reactions people have to the Word (the Bible) in verses 13-20 of Mark 4. The goal of this course is to help you build a working foundation of Jesus Christ within your heart in 7 days that will lead you to further growth for the rest of your life that Jesus describes in Mark 4:20.

Without this strong foundation, Christians cannot grasp the understanding of Jesus Christ needed to successfully apply scriptural principles to their lives. Instead they will revert to such short-term fixes as willpower and suppression which never produce lasting effects.

You'll learn that once you involve God in your situation you can rest in the spiritual truth that you will have a positive conclusion! Christ already took care of whatever problem you could have.

Learn More About This One-Of-a-Kind Course

 Learn How To Scripturally Take Control Over Your Life By Resting
In Christ To Achieve Successful Christian Living!


Learn The Foundation Of Christian Growth

In only 7 days a foundation of Jesus Christ will be created within your heart to walk with God and to make the scriptural changes needed to create a successful Christian lifestyle. You'll achieve continued inner growth as you learn to rest in Christ!

Partner With God For Your Most Fulfilled Life

Learn who you are in Christ to use the power of His shed blood on the cross to attain the blessings of God’s Kingdom. No more walking in circles trying to please God on your own. You’re going to become empowered to work through Jesus Christ.

Use The Key Of The Cross For Good Health and Healing

I’ll show you how to use scriptural principle of the key of the cross and PROVE WITH SCRIPTURE that you've been empowered to use this spiritual key to unlock the door to your kingdom blessings for good health, well-being, and to receive whatever the Bible says belongs to you.  Matthew 7:7 says to knock on the door and it will be opened to you.  This principle is what opens that door!



This course study is for every Christian Including you! It’s going to enlighten all of your Bible studies and make it possible to change with God from the first day and continually bless you from one day to the next.

More About Jesus' Cross

If you haven't been taught about the power you have through Jesus Christ because of His redemptive work on the cross, you need this course.  As Christians we're all responsible to live God's will, but if we don't, we have to answer to God for living by our own desires and will. 

It doesn't matter how old you are to begin with God.  Your Christian walk didn't end with salvation, but many Christians were taught church doctrine's instead of true Bible doctrines so they don't know where to begin with God.  The 7-Day Christian Growth Challgenge will get you on the right path with God so that you'll know how to move forward with Him for healing, your blessings, answered prayer and life purpose. 



Many Christians tend to put off making the very changes they need to live the life they desire in Christ. Now is the time to take living God’s Word seriously because you only get one lifetime to live God's will and His blessings.  Parter with God to live your most fulfilled life in Christ.

No matter what you've been told, YOU’RE GOOD ENOUGH TO RECEIVE GOD’S BLESSINGS NOW.  Take advantage of this special offer to obtain this life-changing course at a substantially reduced price of ONLY $27.00 instead of the regular of $37.00 cost!  It's available now.


My FREE Gift To You!



I want to make sure that you have a clear understanding of the Trinity by understanding the Oneness of God.  It can be confusing when you don't know how to approach God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit because you don't understand their functions. This study will enlighten you to better understand God so that you can continue to grow spiritually. 

This is a short but powerful study that will literally open your eyes to God's empowerment in your life. 

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