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Become A Victory Through Christ Faith Warrior! 

New Christians, young Christians or Christians who need answered prayer or guidance, you've come to the right place!  Take our 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Course to meet the challenges of  everyday living, family, career and ministry.

Victory Through Christ Victory Through Christ

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness;
and all these things shall be added unto you.  -Matthew 6:33 (KJV)

Become empowered in Christ to use God's Word (scripture) correctly to receive answered prayer for whatever you need.  What do you need today?  Whether it be healing, help with a small or large problem, guidance for living God's Word concerning specific life issues or a curiousity about true Christian living through God's love, you'll find what you need here to live your most fulfilled life. Use the links below to get the information you need or go to the Resource Center.  

We teach Christian growth for the purpose of helping Christians better understand the Bible to receive healing.

God's Word Is Life

The Spiritual Growth Index will help you grasp the Word to live successfully.  More

Rest In Christ

The Use God's Word Articles teach God's Word for specific issues of life.  More

Jesus Is Our Healer

Scriptural Healing lessons and articles for scriptural healing in Christ.  More

The Purpose Of Victory Through Christ

My mission for Victory Through Christ is to teach Christians how to work with God to receive His best NOW -- especially to receive scriptural healing!  You have freedom and victory in Christ to be set free from sickness, disease and all your burdens!  You can receive them NOW!  It doesn't matter if you're a new Christian or a Christian new to the Word.  You're right with God to receive your healing or whatever you need from God.  It's only a prayer away.  Learn how to work with God to live in freedom and victory every day! You'll begin to see many of life's problems eliminated in your life while other problems will be turned into miraculous or positive situations.  More...

Watch This Short Lesson

It Demontrates What This Site Is About:  To Assist Christians
To Receive Their Healing or Whatever Blessings They Need!

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Victory Through Christ Highlights

Live Your Salvation

The short, but powerful lessons and studies will create in you the reality of answered prayer and the ability to know that you deserve God's blessings.

Scriptural Healing

Learn how to take your healing in Jesus Name without fear, regret of your past mistakes or the belief that scriptural healing doesn't exist in modern times.

Spiritual Growth

Gain spiritual wisdom and knowledge to grow spiritually and live a Godly life, knowing that you are forgiven when you ask to begin fresh with God.

Life Purpose

Our life purpose information teaches how you can be scripturally free in Christ to overcome whatever comes against you and be empowered to live your purpose.


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